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Welcome to the Babysitting the Baumgartners Movie Comment/Review page. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of the DVD, now’s the time! 2-Disc Set (16 scenes) with over an hour of bonus material.

If you’re more the online-viewing type, though, Adam & Eve has made the movie available on Adam & Eve TV!

When you’ve finished the movie, I’d LOVE to hear what you thought in the comments section. Let me know, I’m excited!



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#New #Books in the Blood Courtesan Series ~ Hotter than #Twilight or #50Shades


Vampires, Sex, Blood, Money

Welcome to the shadow world of Blood Courtesans…where vampires are real and blood is a financial asset.



These are the books now available in the Blood Courtesans series – Check them out!







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#New #99c #Preorder HERO TO OBEY #BDSM #Military Boxed Set

HERO TO OBEY – Military BDSM Boxed Set




Want to read something brand spanking (ha) new from Selena Kitt? Here’s your chance!

Who’s in this hot new boxed set?

Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor

herotooberyExcerpt from WRECKED by Selena Kitt:

Something was pulling his boat by the stern, bubbles bursting from below the yacht’s waterline as she began to sink even more quickly. A trough in the waves revealed a sturdy steel cable leading from some now underwater part of the yacht to a connecting point on his motor.

There was no time.

Already, his little boat was on the verge of taking on water at the stern.

With a defeated snarl, Daniel unfastened the quick release mechanisms and the motor tore off the boat, plunging into the depths of the rolling sea, along with the vanishing yacht.

“Di-did you j-j-just sink our m-m-motor?” The wet, shivering woman stared at him, aghast. “What the f-f-fuck?”

“Had to.” He sheathed his knife, assessing their worsening predicament. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan B.”

“Does B stand for b-b-bonehead?” She snorted, pulling the blanket tighter around her thin shoulders.

He raised his eyebrows. “No, it stands for badass.”

“I doubt that.” The woman rolled her eyes, letting out a little groan when the skies finally opened up and it began to rain.

“Just relax.” Daniel knew his boat inside and out. He had a solution to almost everything on here. He began to erect the tent-like rubber covering that went over the bow-end of the boat. She watched him warily, teeth chattering again.

“You want to come out of the rain?” He gestured to her as he slipped under the cover and sat down. The rain pattered on the surface and ran off—except for the dip on top that would capture water for drinking. He had bottles of it stored on board too, but you could never be too careful.

“Come on.” He gestured again, gentling his tone. “You’re okay.”

She snorted again at that, but she inched toward him, stopping once to have a sneezing fit before settling next to him out of the rain.

“We’re all right,” he assured her again. “I promise.”

“I suppose if you call barely escaping a sinking ship in the middle of nowhere only to be rescued by some scruffy-looking Neanderthal ‘all right’…” She wrung the ends of her hair out like a rag, water dripping from her fingers. Her eyes met his, flashing with anger. “Then yeah, I guess I’m ‘all right’.”

He shook his head at her but didn’t say anything, looking out over the water. The sky was almost as dark as night now. The clouds roiled above them, a tumultuous reflection of the sea. A streak of lighting crackled so close he could smell the ozone, followed by a jolt of thunder that shook his chest.

The woman let out a shriek, shrinking deeper into the alcove, pressing against his side.

“I’ll keep you safe and dry until we can get to land,” he said softly, putting an arm around her trembling shoulders, hoping to lighten the situation up with a little levity. “All right, princess?”

“I’m not a princess…” She slid away from him, wrapping the blanket more tightly around her thin shoulders. “But I am an heiress.”

“Ah—that explains the yacht.” He turned his gaze toward the sea, where the storm was raging in earnest now.

“Right.” She continued to wring the ends of her wet hair. “I’m sure my father would offer you a generous reward if you return me to him—unharmed.”

He had to work to hide a smile at her emphasis on the last word and its implications.

“Don’t worry, princess.” He started to climb out from under the enclosure. He had a lot to do yet to batten down all the hatches. He didn’t know how long this storm was going to last, but they had to be prepared. Besides, out there in the wind and rain, he wouldn’t have to listen to her talk. “I already have plenty of incentive to get you off my hands as fast as possible.”

“Hey!” The look on her face was priceless.

He hid a grin as he headed out into the storm to make sure they’d get out of this alive.



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#NSFW #XXX #Movie #Trailer Babysitting the Baumgartners (They’re Making My #Book into a #Porn Movie)

As promised – here’s the NSFW XXX version of the trailer.

It’s so hot. So very, very hot. *gulp*

If you’re so inclined (and after seeing this, I don’t know how you’re going to resist! Good luck with that!)

You can pre-order the DVD!

It will qualify you to get over $140 in yummy extras!

Babysitting the Baumgartners - XXX Trailer - NSFW

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#GIVEAWAY – Get a Kindle E-Reader ~ Easy to Enter and #WIN

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you looking for new bad boy book boyfriends? We’ve gotten together with some of the hottest names in bad boy romance to bring you an amazing giveaway. You can win a Kindle eReader, or a runner up prize of $10 from Amazon, all for just signing up for updates, sales, new releases (and even a couple free books!) from these authors 🙂

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#NSFW #Sexy Babysitting the Baumgartner Photo Shoots (They’re Making My Book Into a Porn Movie)

You can now pre-order Babysitting the Baumgartners on DVD. And your order will qualify you for more than $140 in freebies! So awesome!


In the meantime, here are two more photo shoots from Babysitting the Baumgarters. The Ronnie/Mrs. B bathroom scene (yum!) and the Doc and Ronnie scene. Which is so damned hot I nearly burst into flames watching it! (I swear – it wasn’t even a hot flash!)

Warning, as usual – seriously, not safe for work.

Psst – you might want to follow me on YouTube so you don’t miss any new videos, behind the scenes or otherwise.



All excerpts below are from Babysitting the Baumgartners, available on the following:

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google

Ronnie (Sara Luvv) and Mrs. B (Anikka Albrite) bathroom scene…



“What are you doing?” I watched as she started the water in the tub instead of the shower.

“I thought a bath would be nice.” She sat on the edge and felt the water. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body, the full, lush brown curves, the way her hair shone even when it was wet. “Don’t you think?”



“Sure.” I leaned against the counter and watched as she took a lighter and started illuminating candles all around the tub. When she was finished, she said, “Turn out the light, would you?” I complied, the room going from stark to warm immediately, the candles casting shadow circles on the ceiling.





“What’s that?” I watched her pour something from a bottle into the water.

“Bubble bath.” She let the tub fill and went out to get us towels. I sat on the edge of the tub, trailing my hand in the warmth and stirring the bubbles around. The scent of lavender filled the room. I didn’t say anything when she got a new disposable razor from the drawer and set it on the lip of the tub, but my pussy responded, remembering the last time she’d shaved me down there.



“Come on.” She slid past me and stepped over the edge into the half-full tub. I swung my legs over, slipping down into the warm water with a sigh. I’d been dying to soak in this tub since we arrived, but I hadn’t ever imagined I’d be doing it with Mrs. B!


“Let’s get washed,” she murmured into my hair, sitting up in the big tub and reaching for a bottle of shampoo. I closed my eyes and let her scrub and rinse my hair, and then did the same for her, the blonde mass over her shoulders spilling like wet waves of gold. Then she found the soap. It was the moisturizing kind, and she grabbed a scrubby, pouring some on and lathering it up.





“Turn around.” She twirled her finger at me. I obeyed, looking at her over my shoulder as she moved my hair aside and started scrubbing my back. The rough yet smooth texture of the cloth felt good, and her hands felt even better as her palms traced everywhere it had been, as if she were smoothing the way.

She turned me toward her, then, moving it down over my shoulders, over my breasts, having me kneel up so she could do my belly. Then she wanted me to stand, and the rough cloth moved over my thighs, between my legs, making me moan a little and spread for her.




“Good.” She moved it gently between my lips, her eyes on mine. “Turn around and bend over.”

“But—” There was no real protest left in me. I turned, putting my palms on the edge of the tub, bending over and spreading my legs. I felt her working the cloth over my hips and my ass, her hands following.





“Oh!” I cried when she slipped it between my ass cheeks, scrubbing a little there, moving it over my pussy. “What—?”

“Shhh.” Her hand moved there, down the crack, her finger probing at the tender, virgin hole of my ass. I winced, feeling her slip a finger inside to the first knuckle, turning and pushing and then pulling back out.

Doc (Mick Blue) and Ronnie (Sara Luvv) in the kitchen…


“How’d you sleep, Ronnie?” Doc came into the kitchen wearing just a pair of swim trunks, and I noticed how tanned and broad his back was as he bent down to look into the fridge.




“Good,” I replied over my cup of coffee. Janie and Henry chewed mouthfuls of Cocoa Crispies and Fruity Pebbles, each reading their respective boxes with a measure of concentration I only saw when they stared at the TV. “How about you?”

“Great.” He shut the fridge and poured himself a cup of coffee, grabbing a banana off the counter. “Hey, you want one of these?”




I stared at the banana in his hand and then met his eyes, swallowing and nodding. “Sure.”

“Where’s Mrs. B?” I took the banana from him and ignored the tingling feeling I got when his hand brushed mine.

“Getting her suit on.” He took a big bite of his banana and chewed. ““You can get some more sun.”

He took another bite as he watched me peel my banana.




“Yep.” I bit the inside of my cheek, avoiding his eyes, but I felt them on me. I deliberately slipped the top of the banana between my lips, licking the tip and glancing at him before taking a small bite. I heard his breath catch and tried not to smile.




He chuckled as the peach juice filled my cupped hand and he tore off a paper towel, handing it to me. I reached for it, but he pulled his hand back with a grin.

“Hey!” I swallowed my next bite of peach. I couldn’t stop eating it. My stomach was protesting too loudly. “Gimme that.”

“Come get it.” He held it above his head.

“Doc!” I reached for it, but he was much too tall for me. I jumped once, trying to grab it and he laughed, keeping it just high enough that I couldn’t quite get it.

“You’re enjoying this!” I made a face at him.

He laughed again. “Hell yeah, I am.”


Grabbing me around the waist, he pulled me close, his mouth covering mine. It felt strange, standing in the kitchen and kissing this way with Mrs. B sleeping upstairs. He licked at my lips, my chin, my neck where all the peach juice had spread.


His mouth reached the hollow of my throat, lapping at the sweetness there.

“Hmm?” His tongue was dipping below the neckline of the t-shirt, his hands lifting it in back.

“I’m still hungry,” I protested with a laugh, pushing at him with one hand, my other still holding the dripping peach.

He groaned, looking at me and licking his lips. “Me, too. And you’re sweet.”







He looked over at me, smiling but there was something else there, and then asked casually, “Are you okay?”

The question stopped me. I didn’t know how to answer—I didn’t know the answer.

“I think so.” I filled a glass with milk and took a long drink. He bit into his sandwich, still standing at the counter, just watching me.

“If you’re not, will you tell me?” He swallowed. I noticed some mustard at the corner of his mouth. Somehow his question made me feel warm and soft in the middle.

“Yeah.” I nodded, reaching out and touching the dab of mustard with my finger. “You’ve got something—”

He caught my hand, kissing the inside of my wrist. I smiled, and he kissed up a little higher, and higher still, his eyes on mine.




“Now, I’m hungry.” His voice was low as he kissed his way back down my neck, lifting my t-shirt, and I let him pull it off over my head.

“God you’re something.” He looked at me for a moment, shaking his head a little and smiling. The he grabbed my bottom and lifted me, squealing, to the opposite counter, setting me up on it.




“Spread it for me.” His breath was hot against my mound. Biting my lip, I did as I was told, reaching down and opening my lips with two fingers. He made an “mmm” sound and looked up at me.

“Show me,” he said. “Play with your pussy.”

I slipped my finger over to my clit, rubbing it a little, pressing the hood up and down, back and forth. It was only a few moments before everything there began to tingle and I was making a soft “mmm” sound, too.


“My turn.” He licked my swollen lips, up one side, then the other, teasing me at the top of the cleft, pulling on the skin with his tongue but not touching my clit.



I slid my hands over my breasts, my nipples so hard they felt hot under my fingers as I rolled and tugged on them, sending sweet waves of extra pleasure down to the spot that Doc was licking with his tongue. He moved it around and around at first—fat, lazy circles that made me moan and press my feet into his shoulders.

Then his fingers moved inside of me, twisting, searching, exploring the smooth, tight walls of my pussy. His mouth covered my clit, his tongue doing that fast flutter back and forth that I had learned to love so much, and I wondered if Mrs. B liked it, too, or if she had told him about it. Then I couldn’t think at all anymore as turned his fingers in me, palm up, and crooked them, like he had earlier when he told me to “come here.”

At first, there was just the pressure of his fingers, stroking there inside of me as his mouth covered my mound, his tongue working between my legs. Then it felt like I had to pee and I tried to make him stop, wiggling and squirming, but he wouldn’t let me go, he just kept on and on, harder, even, rubbing that spot deep inside me as he licked my clit.

“Doc!” I felt something coming and I was almost scared by the intensity of it. He made a noise in his throat, his eyes on mine, nodding against me as his tongue moved faster still, his fingers inside me digging deeper, rubbing, rubbing, until I thought I would die.

“Oh fuck!” I nearly screamed it as something let go, completely let go, and I was coming buckets, flooding him with my juices as my pussy spasmed around his fingers, trying to draw him in deeper. My clit was just a hot, throbbing button of pleasure sending waves through me until my limbs felt weak and trembling with it.



“Oh my God,” I whispered, looking down at him, my climax still pulsing through my body. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

I gasped when he stood, and I saw the front of him was soaked, just covered with me. I looked at him in horror, covering my mouth.

“It’s okay.” He pulled me close and I wrapped myself around him. “That’s supposed to happen.”

“It is?” I looked up at him, doubtful. He nodded, kissing me, and I could taste my pussy and something else, something sweet.

“I told you I was hungry.” He grabbed my ass and pulled me in toward the bulge in his crotch. His boxers were still on and I reached down between us, feeling the lump of hard heat there.





“I want to fuck you!” he growled and I nodded, standing, my hand reaching for his cock again, wanting it.

“Where?” I looked around.

“Right fucking here!” He turned me and pressed my belly into the counter.



I didn’t have time to think as he parted my lips with the fat head of his cock from behind, forcing his way through my wet flesh. I gripped the edge of the counter to keep my balance as he started to fuck me, his cock slamming into me, his fingers digging into my hips.



“God, I love your tight little cunt!” He groaned, fucking me a little deeper, using his legs to come up into me at an angle, making me squeal. The sound of his words were like music, and it made my body sing.

“Fuck me, Doc!” I pressed my cheek to the counter, letting him take me.



“Say it again.” He grunted, moving his hips in small circles now, staying deep, rubbing the swollen head of his cock somewhere in my depths.

“Oh God!” I cried, going up on my tiptoes, spreading as wide as I could to take him and still wanting more. “Fuck me, Doc! Fuck me, hard!’



“Good girl!” he growled, and he did fuck me harder, and I didn’t even know he could, his cock pistoning into my pussy, his pelvis slapping fast against my ass, making my breath hitch.




“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” I cried, over and over, feeling him filling me, stretching me open, his cock spearing into my slick, aching tunnel and still I held on, squeezing him, wanting more, wanting it to go on and on.

“Come on, baby.” He reached under and found my clit, making me whimper. “Do it for me, Ronnie.”

“Oh Doc!” I moaned, not able to stand against it, his fingers working me, his cock impaling me. I was lost, and I came hard, shuddering with the force of it, feeling my belly quiver and tremble against the smooth, cool counter underneath me. He rode it with me, my pussy squeezing him, threatening to swallow his shaft, until I gasped and panted under him.

All excerpts are from Babysitting the Baumgartners, available on the following:

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google



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#99cents #Free in #KU ~ BIG ~ by Emme Rollins #Newrelease

Check out this great new release!

BIG by Emme Rollins


99c Amazon – FREE in Kindle Unlimited

He’s big. He’s bad. And he only wants one thing.
Ric Ryker spent years being called “Big Dick.”
Ridiculed for his weight, shunned by all the pretty girls, snubbed by all the cool guys.
But after a secret journey of transformation, he’s back—ready to take over leadership from his father at Ryker Arms—with an impressive new physique and a plan to prove them all wrong.
Especially her.
The one woman who hurt him the most.
Annalesa—smart, sassy, stunning.
And his stepsister.
The girl he could never have.
The girl who wouldn’t look twice at him anyway—especially in front of her stuck-up friends.
Now he’s going to make her want him.
Show her just what she was missing.
And hurt her, just like she hurt him.
He’s got the weapon and he’s taken aim—but he didn’t count on his own heart getting caught in the crossfire.

99c Amazon – FREE in Kindle Unlimited

BIG by Emme Rollins

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Vivid Radio Interview: Sara Luvv & Kay Brandt ~ Babysitting the Baumgartners ~ (They’re Making My Book into a Porn Movie)

Sara Luvv & Kay Brandt

If you’ve got Sirus FM Radio, check out Sara Luvv and Kay Brandt on Vivid Radio June 1, 2016 on “The Hunter Zone” with Nikki Hunter – they’re going to be talking about Babysitting the Baumgartners!




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#YouTube #Movie #Trailer ~ Babysitting The Baumgartners ~ (They’re Making My Book Into a #Porn Movie)


I don’t think I really need to say anything else, do I? *grin* I’d tell you to grab some popcorn, but that’s not what you’re gonna wanna grab after you see this. 😉

Note: This is the YouTube-safe version – so you can imagine how, uh, tame this is, compared to the movie, yeah?

Don’t worry – yes, there IS a dirtier version of the trailer.

Stay tuned, same Baumgartner Channel, same Baumgartner Place ~  until NEXT week… 😀



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#NSFW #Threesome Time! Best Babysitting the Baumgartner Photo Shoots Yet! (They’re Making My Book Into a Porn Movie)

So much awesome coming your way! I’ll be getting the finalized dates any day now for the movie release and I can’t wait to share them. It’s going to make summer just that much better!

In the meantime, here they are – the best photo shoots yet of Babysitting the Baumgartners. This is what we’ve all been waiting for – the threesome!

If these don’t make you want to see this movie, I don’t know what will.

Warning – seriously, not safe for work.

Psst – you might want to follow me on YouTube so you don’t miss any new videos, behind the scenes or otherwise.

(Hint hint… the trailer is coming NEXT WEEK! 😀 )



All excepts below are from Babysitting the Baumgartners, available on the following:

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google

The seduction…











When she collapsed, gasping, she moaned again, and I saw her soft, golden belly still quivering with the signs of her pleasure. I rested my cheek against the impossible softness of her thigh, panting myself, trying to calm my own racing heart.

“Oh God, that was so good, sweetie.” She stroked my hair, her eyes still closed.

That’s when I heard Doc’s voice from behind me. “It sure looked good.”

We both turned to see him standing in the doorway, staring at us with those dark eyes full of lust. How long had he been watching? I wondered, seeing him walk toward the bed, and then I realized it didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to be watching anymore.


With a sigh and whimper, I nuzzled Mrs. B’s neck, and we were licking and sucking and gently biting each other, my dark hair tangling with her blonde mane, a cloud of still-damp softness. That’s when I saw that Mrs. B had her hand wrapped around Doc’s hard cock. She was squeezing and tugging it, real easy and slow. Fascinated, I watched, seeing how red the tip was already, how it throbbed in her hand.


Her mouth found mine again and we kissed, pressing in a little closer over Doc’s chest, our breasts touching. I moaned when I felt him rubbing our nipples together, my little pink point and her thick, brown bud kissing just like we were, lost in sensation. I squirmed and sucked at Mrs. B’s tongue and she teased me, pulling it back and then letting me have it again.


“Do you want to feel it in your little pussy?” He slid his hand down over my belly, his palm cupping my soft, shaved mound.

Moaning, I rocked against him. “Yes.”

He chuckled, parting my flesh there, slipping one of his big fingers between my lips. I was soaking wet and he slid easily through, finding my clit and petting it.

“Tell me.” He met my eyes. I hesitated, looking down at Mrs. B, who stroked him as she watched us, her breasts swaying prettily to the rhythm. Then I looked back at him, feeling shy and shaking my head as I bit my lip.

He smiled again, teasing me. “Go on… say it… ‘I want you to fuck me.’“


Looking back over my shoulder, I saw him positioned behind me, felt the fat head of his cock rubbing up and down my slick cleft. I shivered when he brushed my still-sensitive clit before sliding back up and finding my hole. He felt big as he eased in, groaning the whole way, and my pussy still fluttering a little from my climax, squeezing his cock.

“God damn!” He gripped my hips and pressed all the way in. “So tight.”


“Oh God!” I moaned, lifting my hips for him, feeling his cock swelling inside of me, his balls slapping against my pussy with every thrust.  “Oh yes, yes,” I gasped. “I love your big cock inside of me. Fuck me, Doc! Fuck me, hard!”

He groaned, his fingers digging into my hips. “Damn, she catches on quick!”


“Good girl,” Mrs. B murmured as I parted her fat lips with my tongue, pushing against the hood of her clit, rolling it around. She tasted a little different and I realized that it was the taste of us together, a light musky scent filling my nose as I moved my head and mouth from side to side against her flesh.

Doc slipped out of my pussy, rubbing the head along my slit, meeting his fingers at my clit. I moaned against Mrs. B’s flesh as he rocked the spongy tip there for a while, pressing it into me with his fingers. It made me suck and lap at her even more, urgent and a little wild, and she cried out, digging her nails into my shoulders.


“Oh fuck!” She grabbed my head, guiding me, smashing my lips and tongue against her clit as she came again, the spasms sending her legs straight out, trembling with the force of her orgasm.

She whispered as she loosened her grip in my hair. “Oh God… oh, baby… you have the sweetest tongue.”


“Fuck her.” Mrs. B’s words were whispered into my ear, but she was looking at Doc. “Make her cum all over that big, fat cock.”

I groaned as Doc slid back inside of me and we started rocking…


“Yes!” She trembled with the force of it, hands clenching the comforter into her fists. I couldn’t stop licking her—I was so greedy, so hungry—but she made me, pulling me up to her. They both kissed me and then they kissed each other as I snuggled down between them. I had never felt so wanted.


All excepts are from Babysitting the Baumgartners, available on the following:

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google



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