New Releases – Little Brats: Olivia, Paula & Qesa

Selena Kitt’s ♥ TABOO Series ♥ where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring TABOO fantasies to life!

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littlebratsoliviaare 2
Little Brats: Olivia

Little brat Olivia hides her curves under men’s shirts and draws her taboo fantasies in her sketchbook. When the man of the house discovers that she’s has been secretly watching and drawing him–without any clothes on–he finally gives up on his gold digging wife and gives in to his forbidden lust for his curvy, BBW little brat–hot, hard and unprotected!

littlebratspaulaare 2
Little Brats: Paula

Little brat Paula decides to seduce the man of the house, a psychologist, during their impromptu sessions together, in order to get back at the woman who married him. But the tables get turned on Paula when she realizes her forbidden attraction to him is real, and then, to her surprise, she learns what counter transference really means when they consummate their taboo fantasies together–hot, hard and unprotected!

littlebratsquesaare 2Little Brats: Qesa

Little brat Qesa wants to be a star, and DJ Rafe, her manager and the man of the house, wants to make all her dreams come true. Mari, the woman who married him, longs to go back home to Venezuela, but Qesa loves all things American, especially the idea of fame and money. When she gets an ingenious idea to create a naughty video and make it go viral, she enlists the man of the house to help fulfill her forbidden fantasies–hot, hard and unprotected!–and make her famous.
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#Giveaway – Highland Wolf Pact: Compromising Positions

Coming Soon

highlandwolfpactcompromisingpositions600x900Kirstin has never been out of her den before, but now one of her pack is seriously injured—-he may even be dying. Desperate to help, she races straight to Middle March, the borderland between Scotland and England, and falls right into the dangerous hands of Scottish rebels.

As the new laird of his clan, Donal MacFalon has made it clear that he, unlike his brother before him, will honor the Wolf Pact, an agreement their father made with England’s King Henry VII to protect Scotland’s wolf shifters, the wulvers, who most believe to be only the stuff of legend.

Wulvers, though, are very real. Kirstin knows. She’s one of them.

When Donal MacFalon turns those steel blue-grey eyes her way, she realizes she’s facing something far more dangerous in this man than the rebels who were trying to kill her.

This man, already promised to another, has a power over her no man or wulver has ever had before. When he opens his castle and his heart to her, she finds herself willing to risk not only her own heart, but everything she’s ever known, just to be with him.

Kirstin will find herself caught-—between the man she loves and his intended bride, between her pack and a human world frightened of her kind, between nations whose hatred runs deep.

Kirstin will be forced to make choices no woman, or wulver, should ever have to make. All for one man, whose love goes beyond borders, nations, or legends, whose heart beats only for her.



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6 New Releases & $800 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

New Releases
Only 99cents for a VERY limited time

littlebratsleilaare 2
Little Brats: Leila

Little brat Leila isn’t interested in expectations–like college or a stable job. The new man of the house is a bad boy who plays pool and his wicked ways are much more appealing. So she decides to go after what she really wants–to hustle the hustler. Turns out, they both want the same thing after all…

littlebratsmayaare 2
Little Brats: Maya

 Little brat Maya is a yoga instructor looking for her soul mate. While she and her best friend, Sephie, spend girl-on-girl time exploring enlightened sex, Maya has her heart secretly set on the man of the house. When a cosmically-epic phone texting accident brings them together, she finds not only a soul mate, but a man who rocks her universe.

littlebratsninaare 2

Little Brats: Nina

Naughty brat Nina is a straight-A college student by day and a phone-sex operator by night. If the man of the house knew what she was up to, she’d be in big trouble, especially considering he’s also a cop. What neither of them know is that the man of the house has been calling in to her phone sex line for some time, sharing some forbidden, taboo fantasies. When Nina sets up her first face-to-face session with a client, the jig is up, and everyone’s secret desires are wickedly revealed.

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New Release – The Kiss of Angels – Divine Vampires 2

thekissofangelsare  The Kiss of Angels

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What happens when Cupid falls in love with the Angel of Death?

The human notion of Cupid as a sweet cherub who only works on Valentine’s Day couldn’t be further from the truth. The real entity humans call “Cupid” is actually an angel named Muriel who works tirelessly all year round matching up soul mates at the behest of a higher power.

Muriel is a sharp shooter on a mission and her arrow always hits its mark.

But she’s grown tired over the centuries of delivering romance to everyone else while secretly longing for someone to call her own. The problem is, angels aren’t allowed to fall in love. As her friend, Jariel, often reminds her, angels don’t even have bodies, so what would be the point?

Muriel knows her arrows are only meant for the lucky race of humans, who can experience such delicious emotions as love and lust and passion. But when she crosses paths with Chariel, who just happens to be the Angel of Death, she finally gets her wish, and discovers how the sting of Cupid’s arrow can make anyone—even angels—do anything for love.

Available NOW for $0.99 for a limited time!

(only available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes for a VERY limited time, grab it before it’s gone)


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STEPping Out: Amazon’s Familiar Double Standard. Again. Still.

Five months ago, I did a blog post about Stepbrother Dearest – the first stepbrother book that broke the pseudoincest barrier, pushing into romance. At the time, I lamented the fact that as an erotica author, Amazon wouldn’t allow me to use the word “stepbrother.” Not in my title, not in my blurb, not anywhere (except maybe inside the book, where it wasn’t searchable) that might warn a reader that they were about to read something about “pseudoincest” (i.e. a relationship between non-biological family members). But Penelope Ward was allowed to use the word “STEPBROTHER” in her mainstream, new adult romance novel about (wait for it) pseudoincest. With that decision, Amazon took its double standard to a whole new level.

Since Ms. Ward’s use of STEPBROTHER in her title, Amazon has seen a huge influx of Stepbrother titles in romance. Here’s the interesting thing–Amazon still won’t let erotica authors use any reference to relationships in their titles. We are still calling daughters “little brats” and fathers “the man of the house.” Granted, they seem to have backed off a little on some terms. We can use the word babysitter now, although the word “virgin” can still get you in trouble. Erotica authors are using the “first time” euphemism instead.

If nothing else, Amazon has forced erotica authors to adapt.

Well, they’ve adapted again. There has been a large rash of STEPBROTHER titles appearing on Amazon written by erotica writers. But they’re not appearing in erotica. They’re showing up in romance. Some of them belong there–no reason an erotica author can’t write a romance, right? Of course not. As long as it’s a romance, I see no problem with it. It’s a current loophole, and if Amazon’s going to leave one, authors are going to walk through it until a wall is put up. That’s been proven in this business over and over again.

The problem is, there have been a few cases where a “stepbrother” title has been banned/blocked. If an author misjudges the market and accidentally puts their book into the “erotica” category instead of romance, they risk getting the book blocked. In erotica, STEPBROTHER or ANY family reference is still taboo. (Ironically, the word “taboo” is just fine though!) But you can put it in ROMANCE with the words STEP, STEPBROTHER or STEPSISTER. So far, Daddies and Mommies or variations thereof, are still out. But, authors can get away with a lot more in romance in general. If an erotica author tried to publish a book called PRICK it would get ADULT filtered faster than you could say “Put a condom on that!” But in Romance? It hit Amazon’s top ten.

Isn’t it ironic? The place where you’d expect all the dirty words, we’re not allowed to use them. At least, on the outside. While the romance authors get to write about cocks in their blurbs and put half-naked people on their covers and write about pseudoincest all they like – as long as they give their characters a happy ever after, of course.

I realize a lot of authors are jumping through this loophole, hoping to cash in on the “pseudoincest-romance” craze, like they jumped on the motorcycle club bandwagon, the shifter bandwagon, the billionaire bandwagon, etc. And I don’t blame them. Amazon opened the door and practically invited them in to this one.

The problem is, Amazon can slam that door too. So while I’m not above jumping through this loophole myself–I’ve just started a series of books called “Stepbrother Studs”–I want to caution writers. Especially erotica writers, who are jumping on this trend. Tread carefully. Watch your blurbs, watch your covers, watch your titles, and pay attention to the market. If you’re putting books in romance, please make sure they fit the genre.

Otherwise, you may find out just how hard Amazon can slam a door that was previously wide open. And how much that hurts. Right in the pocketbook. Ouch!

Believe me, I’ve been there and done that, and it’s not fun. So make hay while the sun shines, why not? But let’s not keep pushing the boundaries until Jeff Bozos decides to stop clowning around and pick up the whip again to force authors back in line. That’s only gonna hurt everyone, in the long run.

So, to sum up, if you’re writing step-romance:

1. Make sure it’s a romance.

2. Put it in ROMANCE, not erotica, if it has a “Step” in title. (and see rule 1)

3. If it’s not a romance – if your characters aren’t falling in love (and no, adding ‘and they lived happily ever after’ at the end doesn’t make it a romance) don’t put it in romance. Readers are going to be pissed and you’re going to risk your account when the book gets blocked. If you want to see what an stepsibling pseudoincest erotic romance reads like, there are three listed below that will be free for 24 hours (and available to be borrowed on Kindle Unlimited). Are they hot? Yep. Are they short? Relatively. Are they romances? I think so. Read them and judge for yoruself.

4. Watch your blurb, title and cover. Remember your audience. Romance readers like it dirty too, sometimes, and that’s fine, but pushing the boundaries too far may end up coming back to bite you. So just be smart.

I’ve got the first three in my new series out now. Free. If you want to take a look at them for what to do, go ahead. Covers are sexy guys (fits the genre), titles have “stepbrother” but they’re in romance. And while they’re not novels, they’re a good 8-10K in length, and they all have couples who are fighting their taboo attraction to one another, but ultimately give into it–and fall in love. In other words, they’re romances.

Check them out. Judge for yourself.


FREE through 3/12/2015


Melinda loves winning, especially when it means trouncing her arrogant stepbrother, Aaron.

He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, but the nineties called and it wants its catch phrase back, because as far as Melinda is concerned, he’s more like all that and a bag of dicks–at least, he is lately..

All her friends think he’s hot, but they don’t have to deal with his smug smirk or his giant ego. All they can talk about is his rumored, giant… something else.

So on their long train ride home for winter break through the Canadian mountains to Upper State New York, she decides to make a wager with her big-headed stepbrother, one she hopes that will settle the score between them, once and for all.



FREE through 3/12/2015

Jill’s parents aren’t home, it’s the middle of the hottest summer on record, and there’s a huge built-in swimming pool in the backyard.

Well, what would you do?

The only thing standing between her and the best party of the summer is her jerky older stepbrother, Brian. He says he’s trying “protect” her but he never lets her do anything fun! It looks like he’s going to be a party-pooper this time too, until the perv decides to give her what she wants—with one caveat.

Everyone who comes to the party, has to come naked.

Now the hottest party of the summer just got hotter, and Jill’s about to find out that she’s not too keen on the way all the other girls look at her sexy stepbrother. In fact, she’s starting to look at him in an entirely different light herself…



FREE through 3/12/2015

Virginia hates him. Her stepbrother, Cameron is older, annoying, listens to crap music, borrows her stuff without asking, and teases the ever-loving life out of her.

She hates him when she finds out he’s taken her iPod again. She hates him even more when she finds out he’s been spying on her, and not only that, he’s been “sharing” his sexy discovery. And charging his friends admission!

She hates him while she’s plotting her revenge.

She hates him all the way up to the point that she can’t anymore. Because now, she’s falling for him–the one guy she knows she can’t have.

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Pre-Order PNR The Kiss of Angels: Divine Vampires & Giveaway

thekissofangelsare  The Kiss of Angels

Available for $0.99 during the pre-order period!

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What happens when Cupid falls in love with the Angel of Death?

The human notion of Cupid as a sweet cherub who only works on Valentine’s Day couldn’t be further from the truth. The real entity humans call “Cupid” is actually an angel named Muriel who works tirelessly all year round matching up soul mates at the behest of a higher power.

Muriel is a sharp shooter on a mission and her arrow always hits its mark.

But she’s grown tired over the centuries of delivering romance to everyone else while secretly longing for someone to call her own. The problem is, angels aren’t allowed to fall in love. As her friend, Jariel, often reminds her, angels don’t even have bodies, so what would be the point?

Muriel knows her arrows are only meant for the lucky race of humans, who can experience such delicious emotions as love and lust and passion. But when she crosses paths with Chariel, who just happens to be the Angel of Death, she finally gets her wish, and discovers how the sting of Cupid’s arrow can make anyone—even angels—do anything for love.



Win a Signed Paperback of The Kiss of Angels on Goodreads

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Available for $0.99 during the pre-order period!

(only available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes for a VERY limited time, grab it before it’s gone)


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Introducing Hot-Off Winner Justine Hollander


Emily Tilton came to me a few months ago to ask if I’d be interested in sponsoring an erotica writing contest and of course I said, “Absolutely!” Then the hot-off was born. Writers trying to out-hot each other? What’s not to love? The winner, who wrote the hottest of the hot, was Justine Hollander. She started at Literotica (where I got my own start way back in the day!) offering her work for free, building her skills and getting immediate feedback from readers. Lit also offers a great writing community. I’d recommend this as the place to start for anyone who wants to succeed writing in the genre. Justine is now offering her work for sale – and it’s well-worth it!

Here’s more from the hot-off winner herself…


I’d like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Selena for generously offering space on her blog to the winner of the first annual Hot-Off tournament, and to Emily Tilton – – not only for organizing and moderating the entire event, but also for her constant support and cheer towards the authors involved.

It’s been a wild ride. I’m humbled and amazed to have won considering the caliber of talented, creative, and kinky authors competing. The tournament consisted of four rounds – within each round authors went head to head, writing five-hundred word vignettes featuring a specific word (round one: door, round two: hotel, round three: fork, and round four: courage). All of these amazing and hot stores can be found at:

Like so many other authors, my journey into writing erotica began as an avid reader (just give me a good hot book, a glass of wine, and a bag of toys and my weekend is set!). One day I realized I had my own story to tell, Rock and Water, which I’ve released chapter by chapter on the erotic literature website, Literotica. Through this wonderful site, I’ve met and befriended even more wonderful authors, with some of whom I shared the pleasure of starting The Erotic Collective with in 2014.

So here I am in my mid-forties with a passion to write that I never knew I had! Luckily my husband has infinite patience and enough hobbies of his own to keep him from feeling widowed by my laptop. A reformed east-coaster now living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I’m spoiled daily by its natural beauty, amazing food, and active lifestyle.

The Erotic Collective currently have two anthologies that can be found on Amazon, The More the Merrier (A Menage Erotica Boxed Set), and The Darker Side of Love (A Dark Erotica Boxed Set). Our next book should be out in May!

I’m excited to share with you an excerpt from my novella, One of the Boys, a menage story included in the anthology, The More the Merrier:


One of the Boys

by Justine Hollander

10849944_763416320393635_1600216463461280127_nGrowing up with her three best friends, Mitch, Gordon, and Vince, Alice was always ‘one of the boys’.

As kids, they were inseparable , supporting each other through skinned knees, first beers, and first loves. Now in their thirties, each have had their share of triumphs and loss.

Reunited for a funeral, the four spend a snowy weekend together in the cabin where they’d shared so many good times in their youth, but youthful attractions have grown into adult desires and long buried secrets are confessed as erotic passions are explored.

Note: This story contains group sexual encounters of both the mf, mm, and mmfm variety, some BDSM, and lots of sexual tension and romance! Enjoy at your discretion!



“Do you want this Alice? For tonight… do you want all of us?”

Alice looks at him, really looks at him, searching for any jealousy or hesitation he may have – instead, she’s met with understanding, and an unmistakable raw lust.

She nods her head slightly. “Yeah… I want it. Please be okay with it.”

In answer to her plea, Vince runs his rough thumb over her lips, back and forth, before pushing it into her mouth. Her lips instantly clamp down on it and begin sucking, her tongue bathing it in wetness. Vince’s eyes narrow as a groan escapes his throat.

“Ah, hell, baby… that feels so good.”

Alice barely registers that Gordon has now unhooked her bra, but when his warm hands begin to move over the bare flesh of her breasts and nipples she opens her mouth in a silent gasp. Vince takes advantage of this by removing his finger and plunging his lips onto hers. His warm tongue penetrates her mouth, moving against hers until she returns the kiss with equal passion. He moves his hand to once more cradle her face.

Mitch views this all from the couch, his cock growing uncomfortably hard as he watches Alice sandwiched between two men who look like they want to eat her alive. Beautiful gasps escape her lips with each brush of Gordon’s thumbs against her nipples. He watches her futilely push her chest further into the calloused hands, while Gordon continues a soft and almost teasing touch.

“Harder, Gordon,” Mitch instructs. “Put some force into it. Squeeze them, pinch her nipples.”

He can’t see under her flannel, but smiles when she lets out a loud groan that’s music to his ears.

Vince and Gordon look over at Mitch, who looks absolutely tortured sitting on the couch. It’s clear he’s not joining them in loyalty to Greta, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the show.

Vince, who had been partially blocking Mitch’s view, moves to the side while Gordon positions Alice so that she is facing Mitch and slowly begins to undo the buttons of her flannel.

Gordon watches as Mitch releases the top button on his jeans, then carefully pulls down the zipper. Mitch reaches in and adjusts his painfully erect cock inside his boxer briefs, before removing his hand but leaving it to rest on top of the prominent bulge. Mitch’s eyes drift from Alice’s now open shirt, over to Gordon. The two men’s eyes lock.

“Your shirt too, Gordon.”

Gordon gives him a crooked smile, and hurriedly pulls his shirt off and over his head, revealing pale skin, but chiseled pecs and abs that lead down to the waistband of his low slung bottoms. A large, black ink tattoo of a waterfall adorns the left side of his abdomen, down to his hip.

Mitch stares at him, his jaw resting on his thumb while he rubs his bottom lip with his first two fingers. The vision alone is so erotic that Gordon can feel his cock grow hard and throb. He allows himself to rub his aching shaft through his long underwear a few times before returning his attention to Alice.

As he turns back to her, it’s just in time to see Vince’s tongue snake out and lick across her already puckered right nipple. Alice’s hand rests gently on the back of Vince’s head, running her fingers through his thick hair. As her excitement builds her hand fists at his scalp until he latches onto her nipple and breast and begins sucking hard. Gordon can only hope that Vince will be cool with it, but he leans down and draws her left nipple into his mouth.

Alice’s head drops back as she gasps from pleasure.   Her eyes close and she can barely hold herself up on her one free hand. Gordon slips an arm behind her back to support her, then encourages her to lay back. She does, her shoulders and head resting on the big pillow. Both men lower themselves until their laying on either side of her, and return to devouring her breasts. She pulls herself free from the sleeves of her flannel and throws it to the side.

Vince’s strong hands run up and down her torso, exploring the exposed skin until goose bumps speckle the surface. Gordon’s hand cups and squeezes the breast in his mouth. Feeling two men’s tongues on her sensitive nipples is driving her crazy – her body begins to squirm while her legs press together in attempt to relieve the building pressure between them. Just as she’s about reach her hand down between her legs, her wrist is caught by Vince who looks up at her through his lashes with a wicked smile, his teeth still latched to her aching breast.

“Oh, fuck….please. Somebody’s gotta’ touch me. Please….”

Vince lets go of her wrist and slides his hands over her long underwear until it’s firmly cupping her pussy. He presses his fingers in, feeling the wetness that’s already soaked two layers of cotton. They both groan as Alice spreads her legs and begins to move her hips against him.

“Ahhhhh…thank you. More…more….”

Vince continues rubbing and squeezing, his palm grinding against her clit. The scent of her passion fills the room.

With a growl Gordon sits up, grabs the waistbands of both her long johns and the soaked cotton panties and in one motion pulls them down, then off of her body, until she lays naked before the three men. Too lost in her rising passion, any inhibitions Alice may have felt have been cast aside, and all she wants now is naked flesh against her own.


I can promise you that Alice gets that naked flesh against her own, and so much more! No worries about poor Mitch sitting on the couch – he’ll have his fun soon…

darksideofloveThank you for reading!

Justine xoxo


Below are links to find me, the Erotic Collective, and our stories!

Contact me at:

Website: (this is a new website and I’ve yet to truly set it up, but hopefully soon!)


Facebook: and

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The Erotic Romance Bundle and #Giveaway


EroticRomanceStoryBundleAvailable Now

Curated by Kiki Howell

I’m a fan of each and every author who graciously agreed to be included in this Erotic Romance StoryBundle, and so I will admit to being a bit star-struck to have my stories published beside theirs. As you will read, I met each one through a series of intertwining, very fortunate events.

I’ve had the privilege to work with New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Selena Kitt, since the beginning of my writing career. After first being published by her company, Excessica, I then began working for her in various aspects of the publishing industry. I consider myself very lucky to have learned so much from a writer as prolific as Selena, one of the best guilty pleasure authors out there with over a million books sold!

Through working for Selena, I had the blessing of meeting, Sommer Marsden. Over time, and little “water-cooler” chats via emails if you will, we’ve found ourselves alike in a multitude of ways. I now have the honor of calling her a good friend even though we’ve never met in person. Referred to as “unapologetic” by another author in this bundle, I couldn’t agree more with that description of her writing. Her stories are both profound and witty, sexy and fun with a myriad of characters from a to z, adventurous women to zombies, and back again.

Thanks to one of Sommer’s social media posts, I signed up to review one of Alison Tyler’s books, and I’ve been hooked by her writing ever since. A prolific writer of several stories and talented editor of many kinky anthologies, her works offer passion and heart along with vital doses of all things sexy. Just following her blog, appropriately titled, Trollop with a Laptop, is exquisite fun, a true indulgence.

It was also through Selena that I was recently introduced to New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Skye Warren. And, though I’m just getting started into her dark romantic fiction, I can’t wait to indulge in more of her stories. Her work described with such words as “perversely tender” and “haunting and beautiful” I couldn’t agree more. I’ve found her stories to be both complex and raw, emotional and enticing.

I’m pleased with the wide array of genres represented by these authors and their stories in this bundle. While all erotic romance, you will be further tempted with subgenres like: contemporary and historical, paranormal/pagan and fairy tales, bondage and femdom, to name a few. Enjoy! – Kiki Howellerotic_romance_story_bundle_graphic

The initial titles in the bundle (minimum $3 to purchase) are:

  • The ESP Affair by Alison Tyler
  • Torn Asunder by Kiki Howell
  • Temptation: Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed by Selena Kitt
  • On the Way Home by Skye Warren
  • Angry Sex by Sommer Marsden

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $10, you’ll get another four books:

  • Alison on Top by Alison Tyler
  • Rituals by Kiki Howell
  • Modern Wicked Fairy Tales by Selena Kitt
  • Bittersweet by Sommer Marsden

The bundle is available for a very limited time only, via . It allows easy reading on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as Kindle and other ereaders via file transfer, email, and other methods. You get multiple DRM-free formats (.epub and .mobi) for all books!

It’s also super easy to give the gift of reading with StoryBundle, thanks to our gift cards – which allow you to send someone a code that they can redeem for any future StoryBundle bundle – and timed delivery, which allows you to control exactly when your recipient will get the gift of StoryBundle.

Why StoryBundle? Here are just a few benefits StoryBundle provides.

  • Get quality reads: We’ve chosen works from excellent authors to bundle together in one convenient package.
  • Pay what you want (minimum $3): You decide how much these fantastic books are worth to you. If you can only spare a little, that’s fine! You’ll still get access to a batch of exceptional titles.
  • Support authors who support DRM-free books: StoryBundle is a platform for authors to get exposure for their works, both for the titles featured in the bundle and for the rest of their catalog. Supporting authors who let you read their books on any device you want—restriction free—will show everyone there’s nothing wrong with ditching DRM.
  • Give to worthy causes: Bundle buyers have a chance to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. We’re currently featuring Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.
  • Receive extra books: If you beat our bonus price, you’re you’re getting nine total books!

StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and

For more information, visit our website at, Tweet us at @storybundle, Like us on Facebook, and Plus us on Google Plus. For press inquiries, please email

 Available Now


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Christmas Wonder Blog Hop – Christmas Vampires + Great Giveaway!

 Celebrate the Wonder of the Season!

Visit all of the blogs to see what they love most about the season and which books have made their Christmas wish lists!

There’s a giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!
christmas wonderfinal

THE BLOOD OF ANGELS: Divine Vampires by Selena Kitt

It’s Angels and Vampires and Christmasy YUM!

Does it get any better than that?

Oh wait, it does – it’s just $0.99 for a limited time!



THE BLOOD OF ANGELS : Divine Vampires


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  Here’s MY book wish list for Christmas:

99centsale xmasmag
99centsale shadvampire
99centsale passbit  99centsaletamealpha


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New Re-Branded Titles from Selena Kitt

& on SALE


(formerly titled “Second Chance”)


(formerly titled “The Flintstone Experiment”)



Can’t Walk Away
(formerly titled “I’ll Be Your Superman“)
(formerly titled “On Cherry Hill”)

(formerly titled “Shorn”)

(formerly titled “A Different Angle”)
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