NEW RELEASE: Stepbrother Studs: Warren

stepbrotherstudswarrenareStepbrother Studs: Warren

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



Harmony comes home from four years at boarding school hating the older stepbrother who sent her there with a passion. Grass hasn’t even grown over her poor mother’s grave when Warren inherits his father’s billions and sends his stepsister packing!

Now that she’s home, Harmony is determined to make Warren mad in every possible way. If that includes going out with Hamilton, a much-older friend of the family, she’ll make the sacrifice. Especially because it secretly pleases her to no end that it just might make her big, giant, sexy jerk of a stepbrother a teensy bit jealous…

Except Harmony doesn’t know the danger that lies waiting for her in the shadows. She doesn’t know why her stepbrother really sent her away, or what history there is between Warren and Hamilton that irks her hard, determined stepbrother far beyond any petty jealousy.

But Harmony’s about to find out. She’s about to be given a lesson by her handsome, fiery stepbrother that she’s never going to forget.


Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



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NEW RELEASE: Stepbrother Studs Boxed Sets Volume 1

25905782Stepbrother Studs Boxed Sets Volume 1

Available NOW — FREE for a limited time!



These stepbrother studs are easy to hate and hard to love, as their insatiable stepsisters know all too well, as they find themselves loving, then hating, then loving them again. And again. And again.

Some of these stepbrother studs are tattooed, damaged, even downright dangerous—but they’re all sexy, handsome hunks who are hotter than hellfire and, ultimately, just simply irresistible.

Get all five of these filthy, forbidden fantasies in one collection, where everything is complicated, and secrets are kept like a pent-up breath aching to be released.

These tempting taboo tales will transport you to a world where wicked, illicit desires are just too tantalizing to resist. You just know they’re going to give in.

And so will you.


Available NOW — FREE for a limited time!



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NEW RELEASE: First Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Set Volume 1

firsttimestepbrotherV1are3DFirst Time With My Stepbrother Boxed Set Volume 1

Available NOW — FREE for a limited time!



These five innocent, inexperienced good girls have been saving themselves for someone special—the problem is, the one person they want more than anything in the world is someone totally off-limits.

These five hot, sexy bad boy stepbrothers can’t resist their untouched stepsisters, no matter how taboo it might be. They want to go where no man has gone before. They’re hungry to mark their territory and fill these fertile fillies with the fruit of their loins.

Five filthy, forbidden fantasies will be fulfilled. Five sweet, little princesses will get every naughty thing they have coming to them—and they’ll explore it all in secret with their devious, dirty, twisted stepsiblings.

This is the ultimate stepbrother boxed set—where all your naughtiest dreams and desires about to come true. Five darkly delicious tales that push all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

Included in this boxed set: Baby Kisses; Baby Love; Baby’s Big Night; This Time, Baby; Welcome Home, Baby.


Available NOW — FREE for a limited time!



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NEW RELEASE: Little Brats Boxed Set: Taboo A-Z Volume 1

littlebrats1are3DLittle Brats Boxed Set: Taboo A-Z Volume 1

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



These naughty Little Brats have a secret, taboo fantasy—about the hot, sexy Man of the House. It’s oh-so-wrong, but behind closed doors, it feels oh-so-right!

Get six tempting tales of forbidden sex, half a dozen explicit fantasies that will push all your buttons and your boundaries.

All six sizzling stories feature dirty brats who want it old school and hardcore with their kinky, older patriarchs. These exciting fantasies will give you all the heat you’re looking for, and you’ll get it all just like she does—hot, hard and unprotected!


Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



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Parnormal Romance Blog Hop: Highland Wolf Pact Excerpt






“It’s like Outlander meets True Blood!”

EXCERPT FROM Highland Wolf Pact:

“Ye shot me,” Alistair croaked, staring at her in disbelief and then looking over to see his forearm pinned to the tree on his right, an arrow sunk clean through his flesh and deep into the tree’s bark.

“My arrow aims true, too, ya ken?” Sibyl kept the tremble from her voice, eyes blazing. She didn’t take her gaze off him as she picked up the quiver and slung it and the bow across her shoulder. “I could have killed you. Remember that.”

She turned to grab Fian’s reins and ran into the bare chest of a man with thick, dark hair almost as long as her own. Sibyl barely reached his shoulder and she looked up, up, into the man’s face, into his bright blue eyes, her breath catching in her throat. He was a Scot, but he was not one of Alistair’s men, of that she was sure. He wore only a Scot’s tartan plaid, wrapped and belted at his waist, part of it pulled like a sash across his broad, bare chest.

“I… I must…” Sibyl struggled to find her voice, wrestled her mind for words that would make sense when strung together all in a row. The man’s presence was disarming enough, but the look in those bright blue eyes made her knees feel wobbly under her skirts. “Be… be away.”

The man didn’t speak, but his look pinned her to the spot. She was mindful of her surroundings—of Alistair’s cries for help, of the big, black horse that had pulled free from his tether and had turned to gallop back up the forest path, of the sound of men and dogs and horses in the distance—but she was far more aware of her own body than she’d ever been before in her life. Her blood rushed through her veins, her heart its hot, thudding pump, lungs pulling in breath in fast, cooling gulps, limbs tingling, torso a burning inferno, as if the man’s look alone had caused her body to catch fire.

“Ye’ll pay for this!” Alistair roared, writhing in pain on the ground. He was trying to work the arrow out of the tree with his other hand, but it was buried halfway in. The trees in these woods were yielding, their trunks soft with the dampness that permeated this land, and Sibyl knew just from looking at it, the arrow would have to be clipped.

“I must be away,” she whispered, hearing the sounds of the men, dogs and horses growing nearer, knowing the repercussions for what she had done would be severe if she was caught here in these woods still wielding the longbow that had impaled her future husband through his forearm.

But her means of escape had, well, escaped. Both Winnie and Fian had disappeared down the path and she had no choice but to attempt her flight on foot. She turned to run, knowing she didn’t have long, but she was waylaid once again by the stranger’s bare chest. He had somehow sidestepped and appeared in front of her, even though she was now facing the opposite direction, heading deeper into the woods.

“Tiugainn!” The man spoke Gaelic, a dialect she only remotely understood, but his meaning was clear enough in the way he took her by the elbow and steered her down the path. At least, Sibyl thought as she struggled to keep up with his long strides, they were headed in the right direction.

“Let me go!” she cried, trying to shake out of his grip, but it was no use.

The man’s enormous hand easily encircled her upper arm and the strength in it was surprising. He pulled her along and she stumbled after him, unable to yank herself free. The dark-haired stranger didn’t follow the path. He steered them to the right, through the trees, where the underbrush was thick and the hem of Sibyl’s dress caught on branches and made her falter. The sound of the stream grew louder as they traveled deeper into the forest.

Sibyl felt a rage growing in her belly, now that the wolf was gone and she knew she wasn’t going to die—and least, not imminently—and they had vanished far enough down the path that Alistair’s voice had grown dim. She could no longer hear his men approaching on horseback, and the sound of the dogs was faint.

Beside her, the half-naked Scotsman finally stopped, cocking his head and listening. His hair fell like a black waterfall over his broad, brown shoulders, eyes narrowing, shifting from side to side, a gesture she knew from years of being taught how to stay aware of her surroundings by her father. He was scanning, looking for movement, listening, perhaps, for anyone pursuing them, but Sibyl wasn’t going to stay around long enough to find out. She’d had enough of being pawed by one man or the other.

“Let me go!” she insisted, taking advantage of his hesitation to finally wrench herself free.

She began to stalk away from him, the satchel under her skirts heavy, weighing her down. Once she was away from this stranger, she would stop to unpin it. The longbow and quiver were still slung over her shoulder, and for that she was grateful. Once she had found a place to cross the stream and she’d left any trace of her scent behind, a certain dead end for the dogs Alistair would surely send after her, she would start looking for game.

“Ow!” Sibyl complained when the stranger grabbed her again, and this time not just by the arm. He had her from behind, the way Alistair had held her against him in front of the wolf’s cage, but her reaction was far different on this occasion. The stranger’s body was big, muscular, his arms easily enveloping her small frame. “You big, dumb oaf! Let me go!”

She had no idea if he understood her, but she thought she sensed his demeanor change at her words. Still, he didn’t loosen his hold and no matter how much she struggled, there was no way to break free.

“If you don’t let me go, I’m going to scream!” Sibyl cried, wriggling in his arms. This only made the man tighten his grip, which left her gasping for breath.

“Bidh sàmhach!” he growled in her ear. She didn’t know what that meant either but she could guess.

The stream was visible ahead, rushing over crags and rocks, the current strong and steady. She couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the rushing water, but the man stood completely still. Something had drawn his attention, but she wasn’t sure what.

“Could you… just… let me go…” Sibyl managed, drawing short, painful breaths, her ribcage aching from the way he held her so tightly. “I—”

“Bidh sàmhach!” he insisted again, this time shaking her. She felt like a rag doll in his arms. Closing her eyes, she listened too, straining to hear what had captured his attention, but there was nothing but the water surging over the rocks.

“Thank the Lord,” she muttered when the man’s arms loosened and she could breathe again. She rubbed her aching sides, scowling back at the giant brute. “I don’t know who you are, but I am perfectly capable of—”

He frowned down at her, gaze sweeping over her muddied and torn dress. While it once would have fed a family in Moira’s village for a year, it was now suitable as little more than rags. She had lost her hat ages ago, somewhere back near the wolf cage, where she had left her betrothed pinned to a tree with an arrow.

“What are you doing?” Sibyl protested, but barely had time to get the words out before the big man had divested her of her weapon and had thrown her over his shoulder and began carrying her downstream. “Stop! Let me go!”

Her words were lost in the rush of the water and he didn’t seem to hear her at all as he moved quickly—much faster and more nimbly than she expected of a man of his size—down the shoreline. She beat at his back with her fists, but he didn’t seem to notice that either, and before long, her hands ached. It was like hitting a slab of rock. When he stopped, she lifted her head to look around, noting their position, away from the protection of the tree line now.

And then she heard it. Could he really have detected the sound, so far away? The dogs were barking again. On the hunt. She imagined Alistair telling the story to his men, making up something so he, of course, looked like the wounded hero. Perhaps he would tell them she had been kidnapped by the massive brute who now had her thrown over his shoulder—and really, was that far from the truth? She knew he wouldn’t tell them she had put an arrow through him. That much he would leave out, she was sure. She hoped.

“They’re coming!” she hissed, beating at the human rock’s back again. She hit him in the side, eliciting a satisfying grunt from the man, and did it again, pleased when she heard his sharp intake of breath. “Let me go! They’re coming for me!”

“Bidh modhail!” he snapped, his hand coming down hard on her behind. Sibyl hadn’t been spanked since she was a child and, while it really didn’t hurt, given how much padding she had on under her skirts, the humiliation of it reddened her cheeks and made her instantly quiet.

And then they were flying.

It wasn’t really flying, but it felt that way. He was so agile, so quick and light on his feet, it felt as if he had simply taken flight as they crossed the stream. Behind them, the dogs grew closer. They were onto a scent—likely her own and she cursed herself for not grabbing her hat, which would allow the dogs to pick up her trail—and pursued it with fervor. Sibyl bounced on the big man’s shoulder, squealing at one point, thinking surely he would fall and she would go tumbling head-first to her death onto the slippery, moss-covered rocks, but then they were across, heading into the cover of the woods on the other side.

Once they were a sight distance from the tree line, the man upended her with a grunt, putting her back onto her feet. Sibyl pushed an already tangled mass of auburn hair away from her face and glared up at him. He didn’t smile, but his eyes danced, clearly amused at her stance—hands on her hips, face upturned—and the words that came tumbling out of her mouth.

“You bumbling idiot! You could have killed us both!” she snapped. “I didn’t ask for your help. Do you understand me? I don’t want your help! No! Go! Away with you!”

She shooed him away like an annoying fly but the man didn’t move. He just looked down at her with those devilish blue eyes.

“Goodbye! Mar sin leibh!” She didn’t know many phrases in Scottish Gaelic, but she had learned a few from Moira. Hello, goodbye, please and thank you. So she said the words, hoping he would understand, and from the look on his face, it was clear he got her meaning. “I’m going! Mar sin leibh! Goodbye!”

She turned and stalked off, getting as far as the nearest tree before he grabbed her again.

“Will you stop that?” she cried, pushing at his arms as they encircled her and turned her to him. “No! Chan eil! Chan eil!”

She repeated the Gaelic word for no, seeing the frown on his face at her protest.

“Shh.” He touched a finger to her lips, shaking his head.

“Chan eil,” she objected again, but this time, the word came out in a mere whisper. “No… please…”

“Tha.” His thumb traced her jawline as he looked down at her, the sunlight dappled across his face and chest. She knew the word—tha. Yes. It meant “yes.” Sibyl felt her breath quicken as the stranger traced her lips with one finger, his gaze falling to her mouth, then to her throat, then further down still, to the way her breasts nearly overflowed the top of her disheveled dress.

“Tha,” he said again, lifting his gaze to meet her eyes. So blue. His eyes were so blue. “Yes.”

“You… you speak English?” she whispered, cocking her head at him in wonder. “Who… who are you?”

A howl from deeper in the forest startled them both and the hair on the back of Sibyl’s neck stood up. Perhaps the animal’s howl was in response to the dogs, because they were barking across the river, sniffing up and down the shoreline, searching for their scent. The men weren’t far behind. They were closing in.

“The wolf,” she gasped, stepping instinctively closer to the stranger, and he encircled her with one arm, pulling her close against his big frame. She lifted frightened eyes to his, knowing the animal was wounded, that it might attack them, even now. And Alistair’s men were close—too close. “It’s the wolf!”

“Nuh.” He said the word in English, but his brogue was thick as he met her eyes. “A wulver.”

“A… wulver.” She swallowed, trembling in his arms, and before she knew it, the stranger once again had her thrown over his shoulder, carrying her deep into the forest, but this time, Sibyl didn’t speak a word of protest.



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NEW RELEASE – Stepbrother Studs Tristan

stepbrotherstudstristanareStepbrother Studs Tristan

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



When Lyla’s sexy, brilliant stepbrother, Tristan, suits up and strides into a courtroom, everyone takes notice. He’s an animal, tearing up witnesses, convincing juries of his clients’ innocence with one cock of his sexy eyebrow, and making the D.A. shake in his loafers when Tristan’s on the case.

No one knows her stepbrother’s raw, instinctual prowess better than Lyla, who has been made junior partner in his firm and now serves as his right-hand… everything.They’ve both worked very hard to get where they are, and she’s not about to let him give up before he’s on top.

So when Lyla suggests she give her stepbrother a different sort of hand before he goes to trial, just to take the edge off, a surprised but grateful Tristan takes her up on her offer. 

But Lyla has to admit, she has an ulterior motive. She doesn’t just want to tame the savage beast in her fierce, tenacious stepbrother. She wants him to unleash it—with her.


Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



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NEW RELEASE – Stepbrother Studs Sean

stepbrotherstudsseanareStepbrother Studs Sean

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



Rose never expected to see her Special Forces Army Ranger stepbrother, Sean, again, not after what happened to her mom—and his dad. They’ve experienced too much loss, but when Sean comes to take her on a road trip, she realizes just how much she’s missed him.

Her always-prepared Boy Scout stepbrother has arrived to make sure sweet, innocent Rose is taken care of. Feeling safe and protected, she follows him as they travel together, mapping their way through the ghost towns of the southwestern U.S., camping under the stars.

The more time they spend together, the more Rose realizes what she wants. And when they find themselves, night after night, side by side in their sleeping bags, she begins to believe that Sean might want her just as much as she wants him. 

She’s never met a man more courageous than her stepbrother.

But she wonders, are they both brave enough to risk everything for each other?


Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



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NEW RELEASE – Highland Wolf Pact: Blood Reign

highlandwolfpactbloodreignare Highland Wolf Pact: Blood Reign

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!





Bridget was an orphan raised by wulvers in a secluded wilderness temple to be its priestess and guardian, but now the outside world has found her and her world will be changed forever. Being suddenly swept up in ancient prophecies and ancestral blood feuds is bad enough, but fighting off the desire ignited in her heart by the proud and arrogant wulver warrior, Griffith, the only man who has ever defeated her in battle, may prove to be her greatest battle yet…

When you’re the son of the wulver pack leader, and your father isn’t about to roll over and show you his belly, life is tough enough. But when you’re the Red Wulver, future King of the Blood Reign Prophecy, it’s hard to know your own heart, let alone who to trust while trying to be the liberator of your people. Just as you finally take your fate into your own hands you’ve got your father, the pack leader, hot on your trail and you run headlong into a deadly ancient enemy you never even knew you had.

And in the midst of the chaos you crash into the aggravating, infuriating and impossibly beguiling, Bridget, the one obstacle in your path you’re not sure you want to overcome…

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Erotica Authors Pull-Out on Amazon KU – Time to Come To The Dark Side!

releasetherateErotica authors were impatiently waiting for July 1, for a look at the new dashboard and the opportunity for a glimpse into the Bezos crystal ball at what they might be paid for the month of July, when the Kindle Unlimited changes took place.

Looks like the numbers are (kind of) in… and the outlook is rather dismal. Erotica shorts authors knew it was going to be bad. I just don’t think most of them thought it was going to be quite *this* bad. Because it looks as if authors will be making about $0.0057 per page. That’s slightly less than half a penny a page, folks.

This was every erotica shorts author’s face when they heard this news:


But we’re erotica authors. We are the most versatile, adaptive and scrappy bunch of people I have ever known. And if Amazon thought we were going to take this lying down?

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Then they don’t know us very well!

Introducing the #releasetherate campaign

The objective is twofold:

1. Get Amazon to tell us how many people are borrowing our books, without which our page counts are utterly useless

2. Get Amazon to tell us how much they mean to pay us – NOW. IN ADVANCE. No more of this, “Enroll your books, choose to go exclusively with Amazon, and we’ll tell you later how much you’ll make” crap!


1. We don’t want to make Amazon mad at us!

Look, if we don’t stop this ride now, we may never be able to get off. And this particular ride ends at welfare-ville. So let’s not go there. There are plenty of erotica authors who have made a nice living from writing. And we are satisfying a very voracious readership. Why shouldn’t they have books they want to read, too? And why shouldn’t we get paid for them?

2. We’ll just opt out of KU and distribute our books everywhere!

That’s part of the message we need to send. If you haven’t already sign up for an Excitica Publisher Account, do that now.

3. Aren’t you overreacting? You sound kinda mad…

Yeah, losing 50-70% of my erotica shorts income? I’m mad.

Erotica authors are awesome. They provide you with some great, fun, thrilling, and let’s face it, damned hot stories to get lost in – they deserve to be paid for their work. Don’t you think?

I really don’t think a short story’s worth should be judged by the time spent reading or writing it. O’Henry would be appalled by this new system. Plenty of people pay a hefty ticket price to ride a roller coaster. That only lasts minutes. The length of something should not determine its worth.


A. PULL YOUR EROTICA BOOKS FROM KU. If you want to keep your longer romances in, great. But if you have erotica get it OUT.





Don’t yell. DON’T USE ALL CAPS (even though I am :) ) Be nice. Concise. And clear!

Tell Jeff, hey look, this is simply a courtesy for business owners. We need to know these things to run our business.

-Show us the borrows. How many people are actually borrowing our books?

-Show us the money. How much are you actually going to pay us?

-Tell him you pulled out (heh). I understand not everyone will. But if you pulled out, yell it from the rooftops!

D. ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW to email We want him inundated with letters. We want him yelling, “Oh Em Gee, STAAAAHHHHP these self-published authors, Jane, get me off this crazy thing!”

Here’s a form email you can give to your readers:

Hello, Mr. Bezos

I am an avid reader, and I am contacting you today on behalf of my favorite authors who participate in your Kindle Unlimited book subscription program.

Under the new reporting system, authors have no idea how many individual people are borrowing their books through KU. This is vital information and authors NEED to have it. Please amend the KDP reporting system to share this information, which you are already collecting anyway and shared up until July 1, with authors.

Also, authors have no idea how much to expect to be paid. The email they received today suggests the payout could be as low as $.0057 per page. As a reader, I want as many authors to keep as many books in the KU program as possible, and it would help if Amazon would tell authors how much they’re going to be paid. It’s not  fair that they have to guess and hope for the best when they sign up for KU and give up the fixed royalty rates they receive outside the program.


(and feel free to right-click and use the graphic at the top of this page).

Thanks go to Natalie Deschain and Cassandra Zara for spearheading this campaign!

Help Authors Spread the Word – PLEASE SHARE!

Many of you know that I’ve been a HUGE proponent of the Kindle Unlimited program. It’s allowed me to gain a broader readership and new fans who would have never discovered me without being able to borrow my books and take a chance on them through KU.

That said, you may not be aware that Amazon made massive, sweeping changes to the KU program starting today. Beginning today, they will only be paying based on pages read, rather than books borrowed.

This change has left authors in the dark regarding royalties since Amazon isn’t telling us how many readers are borrowing our books or how much we’ll earn for each page read.

How can authors make good business decisions without knowing how much money they are earning? The short answer is, we can’t. And that makes many of us question whether we should remain part of the Kindle Unlimited program at all.

That’s why I’ve joined #releasetherate, an author-led initiative with a simple goal: getting Amazon to release more information to authors. We’re not asking for much. We’re asking for two small pieces of data that Amazon can easily produce that will help self-published authors make informed business decisions.

1.) Number of units borrowed per book — Amazon has this data; they have been providing it to us since the Select program began. Why withhold that number now? The only reason is to confuse authors. Give us the total number of customers who have clicked the “Read for Free” button on our book’s sales page. Or, at the very least, give us the total number of customers who have read a minimum of one page of our book.

2.) #releasetherate – Authors are aware that Amazon has a ballpark rate-per-page-read that they are expecting to pay for Select and KU pages read in July 2015. We hope it’s not the .0057 cents per page based on the June 2015 Select Fund and pages read, a rate that would decimate the income of many authors and make it impossible for us to remain part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

If you’re an author or reader who feels that Amazon should #releasetherate, please help us spread the word by sharing this post.

And if you’re as angry and frustrated about the lack of information being provided to authors, as I am, please let Amazon know by sending an email to and letting him know that withholding basic business information from authors is making many of your favorite authors wonder if Kindle Unlimited is really the right program for them after all.

Selena Kitt
Erotic Fiction You Won’t Forget
LATEST RELEASE: Highland Wolf Pact: Blood Reign


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NEW RELEASE – Stepbrother Studs Ryan

Stepbrother Studs Ryan

Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



Shauna’s in trouble. Her parents have kicked her out for getting knocked up. She has nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, and a small baby to take care of. That’s when her big, sexy, older construction-working stepbrother rides in like a white knight to rescue her.

Ryan has always looked out for her, and when he invites her to move in with him, Shauna thinks it’s just a convenient arrangement—he’ll provide food and shelter, while she’ll do the cooking and cleaning.

But Shauna finds her needs are far greater than she expected. And she needs her stepbrother, in ways she knows are wrong, but she just can’t help herself. He’s so ripped, so big and strong, wearing his tool belt all the time, and he makes her feel safer than she’s ever felt in her whole life.

Shauna takes the perfect opportunity to ask her stepbrother for help, when her nursling doesn’t cooperate, and she discovers that her stepbrother has another proposal to make—a different sort of arrangement. One that will benefit them both beyond their wildest dreams!


Available NOW — $0.99 for a limited time!



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