New Release Sale on Hot Takeover by Carter Blake

I’ve been surrounded by beautiful women my entire life. It comes with being the East coasts’ most sought-after bachelor. But nothing could have prepared me for Alicia Parker.

Her full curves and spitfire personality would have any man on his knees begging for one taste. But what intrigues me even more is that she doesn’t seem to know how f*cking sexy she is.

I’ve been hired to take over the lingerie company she works for, but the only thing I want to possess is her body.

With her full hips and glorious curves, she’s pure temptation. But that’s not the only reason I’ve fallen hard for her. She’s smart and creative, and she may just hold the key to saving this damn company.

Alicia is a diamond in the rough…and I intend to make her shine.

Because when I take over, she’ll lose all control!

99c or FREE in KU

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Big Movie #Giveaway – #WIN Autographed Paperbacks, Posters & MORE



9 Autographed Paperbacks – Babysitting the Baumgartners
17 Autographed Movie Posters – Babysitting the Baumgartners
5 Black Bikinis *Worn by Mrs. B (Anikka Albrite)
5 Author-Autographed Paperbacks – Adventures with the Baumgartners

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$0.99 #Sale Rise of the Alpha Box Set by Heather Long

Discover the Wolves of Willow Bend with Wolf Bite, Caged Wolf, and Wolf Claim. When Lone Wolf Mason Clayborne encounters Alexis Huston again, he had no idea how many lives he would change.

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Adventures with the #Baumgartners – Ronnie & Vince (They’re Making My #Book into a #Porn #Movie)

Ronnie (Sara Luvv) has a new love interest. Vince (Xander Corvus) is quite a hottie. And these two together are scorching!



The following is seriously NOT safe for work. (NSFW)

Seriously. Hotness ahead. Total hotness. The XXX-rated kind.

Okay, you’ve been warned…!

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New Release on #Sale ~ While He Watches by Mia Moon

Bret wants to make his wife’s birthday special. So he enlists the help of a group of college guys to make Jane’s wildest fantasy come true. But while Bret watches his wife’s being taken in every way possible, a delicious surprise awaits him, as well.

99c or FREE in KU

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The #Baumgartners in #Spanish #Espanol #Erotika #Erotica

Hey Spanish readers – here are some more Baumgartner stories for you – en espanol!


Conoce Los Baumgartners

Steve ‘Doc’ Baumgartner – solo, desnudo, la cara enrojecida con placer.

Carrie lo espía a él en un momento atractivo, y privado. A pesar de que ella juró a sí misma que ella ha terminado con los chicos, y su compañera de habitación-convertida-en-amante Maureen es más que suficiente para satisfacerla, Carrie no puede dejar de fantasear sobre Doc.

Luego Carrie obtiene su oportunidad.  Una escapada de verano a Key West, la amenaza del novio fanático de Maureen, y el hambre de Doc por el placer llega a ser el cóctel perfecto para reducir las inhibiciones de Carrie.

Huele el aire del océano, sírvete una bebida, prepárate para un verano para recordar. ¡Es tiempo para conocer a Los Baumgartners!

Un Baumgartner Navideño

A pesar de una breve experimentación temprana en su relación, Doc y Carrie Baumgartner ya han mantenido un matrimonio monógamo sin demasiada dificultad o incluso la tentación – hasta ahora.

Una movida lejos de su casa, junto con amigos nuevos y largas horas de distancia el uno del otro, han dejado a la joven pareja Baumgartner en un terreno inestable.

Doc cree que trayendo a alguien ‘nuevo’, como lo hicieron al principio de su relación, podría añadir el sabor necesario en su matrimonio, pero Carrie no está tan segura sobre ese plan.

Doc tiene un regalo sorpresa de Navidad para su esposa de todos modos – pero en una peculiaridad irónica, él descubre que ella tiene uno para él, también.

Cada regalo permite que Los Baumgartners redescubran, en el verdadero espíritu de la Navidad, un amor expansivo que incluye no sólo sus sentimientos por el uno al otro, pero la posibilidad de compartir su pasión.

Un Baumgartner de san Valentin

Henry y Libby tienen una tradición del Día de San Valentín. Cada año, esta pareja joven, de edad universitaria comparten y exploran una fantasía especial uno con el otro.

Esta vez, sin embargo, Libby ha descubierto algo sorprendente acerca de Los Baumgartners, que la llevó a especular salvajemente sobre los verdaderos sentimientos de Henry.

¡Lo que descubre los llevará a ambos a explorar sus sueños y deseos de su corazón verdadero!

El Espectáculo Sucio de Los Baumgartners

Janie y Josh han estado casados diez años, y mientras la vida es buena, los dos tienen un anhelo por algo ‘más’ de vez en cuando.

Los dos piensan que han encontrado un buen compromiso entre honrar sus deseos y todavía manteniendo su compromiso amoroso.

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#PreOrder Adventures with the #Baumgartners #Ebook #Erotica #Sexy #Porn


Price will go up after release – get it now!

The broad-minded Baumgartners are ready to open their arms—and their marriage—once again.

While Ronnie, their former flirtatious babysitter, is exploring her newfound naughty nature with her lover, Gretchen, Doc and Mrs. B have their sights set on old friends, Daphne and Ari Wilson.

Things really heat up when Ronnie and Gretchen take on an adventurous new roommate—and her boyfriend, too.

Everyone seems to be having a rousing good time—until romance sparks between Ronnie and her handsome personal trainer, Vince, and she needs to decide—does she really share all that well with others?


Price will go up after release – get it now!

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#NewRelease & #SALE on Dragon Bride by Linda Mathers

Gareth is the second born son, a prince of a dragon-shifter kingdom. His evil older brother has laid claim to the throne. Keen to let Gareth know where he sits in the pecking order, he has banished him to a dilapidated cottage in the forest.

As Gareth accepts his exile, loneliness begins to take its toll. He ventures out into the human world to find someone to share his heart and body with…

Michelle and Stephanie are backpacking through Europe. But Stephanie is convinced Michelle needs to experience more than just the beautiful coastline. Forever with her nose in a book, Michelle isn’t looking for an adventure. But Stephanie decides to give her one…

As two worlds collide, Gareth and Michelle come together with unprecedented passion. Will their blooming love be enough to rescue Gareth’s throne? Or will his brother put an end to his claim once and for all?

99c or FREE in KU

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Adventures with the #Baumgartners – Ronnie & Gretchen Voyeur (They’re Making My #Book into a #Porn #Movie)

What would a Selena Kitt book (and now, movie!) be without a voyeur scene? Ronnie (Sara Luvv) and Gretchen (A.J. Applegate) are peeking… and getting all hot and bothered!

Tsk tsk…


The following is seriously NOT safe for work. (NSFW)

Seriously. Hotness ahead. Total hotness. The XXX-rated kind.

Okay, you’ve been warned…!

Excerpt below is from Adventures with the Baumgartners, new book coming soon!

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Box Set #Sale from Skye Warren

Contains ROUGH, HARD, and FIERCE – all three books in Colin and Allie’s complete story! This boxed set in the Chicago Underground series is over 400 pages.

I’m a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I’m too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn’t come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need.

Men like Colin.

But he wants more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul–my happily ever after. I never thought I’d be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.

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