NEW RELEASE: Girls Only: The Complete Series

Selena Kitt’s *Girls Only*–where the girls get naughty together, but it feels oh, so good!


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Get ALL of Selena Kitt’s series! Girls Only – the complete collection, in one big book for one low price!

Selena Kitt’s *Girls Only*–where the girls get naughty together, but it feels oh, so good!

These stories contain hot panty-melting girl-on-girl action!

Included in this collection: New Year’s Resolution, Sybian Sorority, The Hairdresser, Pajama Party, Moms’ Night Out, Girl Scout Trip, Pool Party, First Time, College Days, Stay

New Year’s Resolution: Tina’s New Year’s resolution brings out the explorer in her partner, Beth, and the two women go on a mission to find the perfect new toy for their sexual adventures.

Sybian Sorority: Super-smart, shy Violet has a huge crush on her first college roommate, Chloe—but Violet can’t come out with her confession, because nobody knows that Violet prefers girls. Chloe invites Violet to join the sorority sisterhood of Eta Nu Pi and in spite of her reservations, Violet can’t resist Chloe’s persuasive argument, but when the girls find themselves involved in an erotic, mind-blowing hazing, both of them discover something about themselves—and each other.

The Hairdresser: Amanda’s hairdresser, Jen, has always been her confidante, champion and supporter—nothing short of someone she would call a “friend.” But when Jen discovers Amanda’s first gray hair at a routine appointment, it prompts a re-examination of more than just Amanda’s roots. As the two women commiserate about the dangers of getting older, they discover more in common than bad boyfriends—and a day of beauty and pampering turns into a night of full-blown sexual discovery and pleasure.

Pajama Party: April and Casey have been best friends since kindergarten, and they’re about to go away to different universities on separate coasts. April plans one last sleepover at the end of the summer so they can do all those girlish, silly things together like doing makeovers and watching chick flicks and playing dress-up and having a cereal eating contest before they have to go be grown-ups in college. But when a game of double-dog-dare goes too far, the girls find themselves saying a far more heated goodbye than either of them had planned.

Moms’ Night Out: Jaime, a mother with newborn twins, feels overwhelmed until she finds the local Mommy and Me group. She and Caroline hit it off right away, both single mothers with young children. When the group organizes a dinner and karaoke night, Jaime and Caroline jump at the chance for a break, pooling their money for a babysitter. But Jaime doesn’t plan on how difficult—and physically painful—the night might be without her two nurslings and no breast pump in sight. Determined to stay out and have fun, Jaime enlists Caroline’s help, and together the two women not only save their night out, they discover one more delicious thing they have in common!

Pool Party: When her new neighbor, Gina, moves in, shy Nancy gets invited to her pool party, but she isn’t quite ready for all the attention she gets in the bikini that Gina’s loaned her. And she definitely isn’t ready for that drunken, crazy point in the party when everyone abandons their bathing suits altogether! Nancy hides in a cabana until Gina comes to find her and slowly and deliciously convinces her that being naked isn’t such a bad thing after all!

Girl Scout Trip: Paige isn’t looking forward to chaperoning her younger sister’s Girl Scout Troop for a camping trip outing—burning S’mores, telling the same old ghost stories and listening to little girls giggle all night long—until she meets the new Girl Scout Troop leader, Brandi. The petite blond is just her type, so when a tent mishap leaves Paige without one, forcing the two women to share, the trip goes from tame to thrilling faster than either of them could have imagined.

First Time: Molly likes babysitting for single mom, Faith. She’s younger and cooler than most of the other people she sits for and Molly finds herself lingering at the end of the night, asking the older girl questions about life and love… and sex. When Faith comes home a little drunk and a lot horny, Molly finds that tonight, Faith has some show-and-tell answers to her provocative questions that leave both women more than satisfied!

College Days: Wild and crazy college roommates Whitney and Meg end up at a local fraternity party where Meg, furious at her boyfriend for cheating on her, is looking to even the score. Whitney has no problem backing up her friend in her time of need, so when a drinking game gets out of hand, the two girls put on a show that will go down in fraternity history. Who knew? Turns out revenge is a dish best served up blazing hot!

Stay: Claire has experienced a great loss, and is facing another one–and she just doesn’t know if she’s ready to deal. Dr. Mary Rennalls looks at beautiful Claire with more than pity and compassion, but will the two women find solace in each other’s arms, or will Claire’s fear of losing yet another loved one keep her from trusting again?



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NEW RELEASE: Hush Little Baby


$0.99 for a Limited Time

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Leslie’s ambivalent homecoming leaves her with a difficult decision– her man or her new baby? Up until now, Leslie has repeated a family pattern of making a series of bad life choices and she understands now more than ever how hard it is. But when Leslie chooses her man over everything else, she finds herself bursting with more than just anticipation at her new life, and she eases the painful pressure of losing her nursling by offering her lover her bounty when her cups runneth over!

Note: This story was originally published in the collection Quickies



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$0.99 BOXED SET DEAL: Dark Desires (A Dark Romance Box Set) + HUGE GIVEAWAY

Dark Desires ON KINDLE

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Limited time only–9 book dark romance boxed set for 99 cents (over $35 if bought separately).


From some of today’s most captivating New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon and B&N bestselling authors.

You want hearts… flowers… romance?

You think you do, but your heart has darker desires.

I know what you want. What you need. Yeah, you’ll fight me. But you don’t have a choice. You’re mine now. I’m going to make your darkest dreams come true. You can’t tiptoe around the brink of darkness without expecting to be pushed over the edge.

Maybe you think I’m broken. Maybe all I need is your healing touch to cure me of a lifetime of pain? Not even close. You’ll never understand the real me. Think I’m lying? Still want to give it a shot? That’s exactly what I want you to do.

You think you can soothe me, heal me, tame me? Not a chance. You can’t save me from the darkness; I’m dragging you into it.


These must-read dark romance novels come to you from some of today’s most captivating New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon and B&N bestselling authors. Give in to your Dark Desires. It’s too late to turn back now…

Taming A Dark Heart by Terry Towers: Colin Almond is exactly the kind of man Gabriella tries to avoid, but he also has an air of danger and excitement about him that’s impossible for her to resist. Gabriella quickly discovers that the man she’s falling for isn’t exactly who he says he is. He has deep, dark secrets and that darkness is threatening to destroy them both.

Black Widow by PJ Adams: Two years ago Eleanor Dryton lost everything and ended up in jail. All that remained was a burning desire for revenge. Now, she’s learned she can be bad, but when her search for revenge leads her to a man who takes bad to a completely different level, just how far is she willing to go?

Uncover Me by Linda Barlow: On a dream Aegean vacation, photographer Ellie Heath stumbles into trouble. Captured by the sun-bronzed pirate who heads up an antiquities smuggling ring, Ellie is forced to submit or die. As she struggles to obey the harsh demands of the elusive man who holds her, she begins to realize that there’s more at stake than her own freedom.

Master Over You by Cerys du Lys & Ethan Winters: My name is Noah. I’m not a nice person. This isn’t cupcakes and candyland, love. I’ll take you, break you, and offer you to the highest bidder without a second thought. It’s business, nothing personal. You wouldn’t understand, and I’m not going to explain it. Just know that there’s a monster in every closet, and I’m in yours.

Ruthless by Vanessa Waltz: An ex-pool hustler must fight her attraction to a sinful, sexy biker when she’s kidnapped by the Dragons MC and sold to the club’s Vice-President.

No Limits by Adriana Hunter: Anna Pierce is about to discover a world where pleasure and pain meet and her darkest desires come to life in a series of tortuously erotic lessons handed down to her by a mysterious Dom.

Surrender of Persephone by Selena Kitt: Persephone must face not only her past, but her present and her future as well, and the choices she will be forced to make will change the world forever.

At The Mercy Of Their Games by Gia Vanna: Anna is wrenched from the polite society of Regency London and plunged into a world of crime. Two brothers run the cartel and Anna falls for the dark power of Tristan. But the brothers are at war with each other; has she chosen the right man to save her?

My Love Forgive by Anna Antonia: I wasn’t supposed to be this reckless. Or this stupid. The beautiful captor that held me, the one I fell deeply, obsessively in love with, was determined to break me, to make me accept the new circumstances of our life. People like me were supposed to be safe, sane, and all the rest, yes? No. Not even close.

Available now on Kindle  – Nook –  iTunes  – Kobo  

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NEW RELEASE: Crazy About the Baumgartners


$0.99 for a Limited Time

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Doc and Mrs. B have hired a new au pair and she’s crazy about the Baumgartners.

 Poor rejected Gretchen, fired from her previous job and still licking her wounds from a recent breakup, is desperately seeking the kind of attention and affection only the Baumgartners can offer. So why do they seem to thwart her advances at every turn? It isn’t as if the polyamorous couple has been secretive about their fondness for threesomes.

 Naughty Gretchen makes up her mind, on their annual trip to the steamy sun and fun of Key West, to show the Baumgartners just how crazy she is about the both of them.



I was loading dishes in the dishwasher when Doc came in. He opened the fridge and pulled out a beer. He popped the top off, tossing it onto the counter. I gave him a look, sweeping the top into my hand and putting it in the garbage under the sink. He came closer, watching as I bent over to put the last plate in the dishwasher.

“Damn, little Red Riding Hood, you make me feel like a wolf.”

I turned, finding him dangerously close. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and wondered just how many of those he’d had. Of course, he’d been here, all alone, with nothing to do but watch TV, drink beer and hand out candy.

“You’re looking rather wolfish,” I replied, glancing at the stubble on his cheeks. He’d clearly forgotten to shave that morning.

“All the better to tickle you with.” He grinned, grabbing my hips and rubbing his cheek against mine, making me squirm and laugh. I wondered if they could hear us in the family room. One of the kids could walk in at any minute—although I doubted it. They were likely too engrossed in candy negotiations.

I tried to push him away, my hands against his chest, but he didn’t budge. Doc was a big man and could take what he wanted, if he wanted to. The thought was blackly exciting. His hands remained on my hips, moving over the short skirt I was wearing.

“You’re so sexy in this damned costume,” he murmured, his denim clad thigh sliding between mine.

“I didn’t meant to tempt you, Mr. Wolf.” I cocked my head, giving him a smirk that told him that the opposite was true.

“Oh, I think you did.”

“Your wife picked it,” I reminded him.

“I know.” His hands moved down to my ass, squeezing. There was no pretense anymore about this being an accidental meeting. “Think she meant to tempt the wolf?”

“Do you?” I raised my eyebrows.

“You know I was watching, don’t you?” He leaned in to whisper this into my ear, his big hands gripping my ass, holding me to him.

“Yes,” I whispered back, my nipples hardening instantly at his words.

“Did you come hard?” He pulled my skirt up in back, hands roaming over my tights, making me gasp.

“I… I needed it so bad that night.” I whimpered. I needed to right now. Between his teasing grind against the counter before we left, and now this, I was ready to explode.

“I know.” The knowing in his voice undid me. My hands, which I’d previously kept at my side, went to his waist, feeling the solid heat of his muscles underneath that button-down dress shirt. “What were you thinking about when you came?”

“I… don’t remember,” I stammered when his hand reached around the front of my tights, cupping my mound through them, under my skirt.

“Liar.” He pulled back to look at me. His eyes were darker than I’d ever seen them. Dark with lust. “Don’t lie to me or Mr. Wolf will eat you all up.”

Was that supposed to be a threat? It just made me wetter.

“You.” I whispered. I was the desperately hungry one. “Both of you.”

“Fuck, that’s hot.” His fingers massaged me through my tights. My pussy lips were so swollen and fat. Everything down there was squishy. “I wish I could have seen you with the light on. Is your pussy shaved?”

I nodded. “But Mrs. B said I should let a little grow back. At the top.”

“Blonde?” His eyes brightened.

“Yes.” I bit my lip. “Like my hair.”

He groaned, palm grinding my pussy, his cock like a foot-long pipe against my thigh.

“And these gorgeous tits.” His other hand had found something to do, cupping my breast through my blouse. My hard nipple grew even harder, as if it could pop right out for his waiting fingers. “My God, Gretchen, do you know what you do to me? You turn me into a fucking animal.”

“I was just carrying my basket through the woods on the way to Grandma’s house, Mr. Wolf,” I teased, rocking my hips. He could get me off like this. Just like this. A fire burned through me at the thought. He could make me come in his arms while his wife and kids were just a room away and no one would ever know.

“You’re so damned tempting.” He smiled, watching my face as I looked at him through half-closed eyes while he rocked my pussy toward orgasm.



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NEW RELEASE: Power Play: The Complete Series

Selena Kitt’s *Power Play*—where those uber-hot alpha authority figures take full advantage of their status to strike up all sorts of sexy naughtiness with their subordinates!


$0.99 for a Limited Time

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on Nook

Get all of Selena Kitt’s Power Play Series – the Complete Collection – in one big book! Selena Kitt’s *Power Play*—where those uber-hot alpha authority figures take full advantage of their status to strike up all sorts of sexy naughtiness with their subordinates! Warning: This title contains hot, steamy nobody-writes-it-like-Selena-Kitt sex between alpha authority figures and their subordinates! Included in this series: Kelsey and the Executive, Katie and the Dom, Emily and the Priest, Ivy and the Cop, Bailey and the Professor, Jodie and the Billionaire, Donnie and the Maid

Selena Kitt Single

Short Story—Big Bang!

(approx 15,000 words)

Warning: This title contains hot, steamy nobody-writes-it-like-Selena-Kitt sex between alpha authority figures and their subordinates!




“You scared me!”

“Sorry,” he murmured, still enthralled by the sight of her on her knees. “I just…”

She blinked up at him as he took a step forward. He couldn’t look away. Her eyes were bright, questioning, full lips slightly parted, breath coming fast, face flushed, probably from all the scrubbing she’d been doing, but it excited him nonetheless. He towered over her as he took another step forward and she had to tilt her head all the way back to meet his eyes.

“Did you… want something?” Elena swallowed. He watched her throat work with the motion and his cock throbbed in response. It didn’t help knowing she was on eye-level with his zipper. Did he want something? Fuck yes he wanted something. He wanted her. But he couldn’t say that. He couldn’t possibly just take what he wanted, no matter how much he wanted it.

Don reached a hand out and swept away a strand of hair resting on her cheek like a comma, tucking it behind her ear. Elena’s eyes softened as she looked up at him and licked her lips. She looked like she wanted to say something and he wanted to hear it, whatever it was, so he stayed quiet, stroking her cheek with his thumb. Her skin was so soft, so impossibly soft.

“Did I… disturb you?” Her voice was even softer than her skin, barely a whisper, as she peeled off a pair of pink rubber gloves. It should have been a very unsexy act, but somehow any divesting of clothing, even something as silly as a pair of rubber gloves, made him want her even more. He knew he had to be imagining it, but he could have sworn he felt the heat of her breath on his crotch, even through the denim of his jeans.

He shook his head, fingertips trailing down the side of her neck. She shivered. It was a slight thing, a mere tremble, but he felt it. He saw her assent in her eyes, in the way she tilted her face up, shoulders back, breasts jutting proudly in her button-down blouse, which was unbuttoned to very immodest depths. Her cleavage was on display for him. In fact, it felt as if, just by her posture, she was completely on display for him alone.

Don struggled. He struggled with his own lust. He struggled against taking this any further than it had already gone—the flirting, the teasing, the suggestive comments, and now, his hand tucking hair behind the shell of Elena’s ear. He struggled to stick to his convictions because while Elena was beautiful and he was beyond attracted to her, it would be a very bad idea to get involved with her right now. He knew this, instinctively. She was fragile, vulnerable. Doing this would be taking advantage of her.

So he struggled to keep his cock from bursting, alien-like, from his zipper, cleared his throat, and got ready to head back into seclusion. And Elena knew it. Maybe she saw it in his eyes. She lifted her own hand to his, pressing it against her cheek. The slight tilt of her head, the way she rubbed her cheek against his palm, was an invitation. He knew it, understood, and still he was going to resist.

Until she turned and kissed his palm. It was the press of her lips, the heat of her breath, the way her eyelids fluttered closed, that did him in. He let out a soft groan, thumb trailing over her jaw, and Elena turned her head again so his thumb slipped between her lips. Don held his breath, feeling her tongue curling, the soft, wet suck of her mouth on his thumb making his cock throb in response. Of course he was picturing her lips wrapped around his dick instead and he couldn’t draw any other conclusion except that she was imagining it too.

But he knew for sure when she went up fully on her knees, pressing her cheek against the seam of his jeans and rubbing her head there, like a cat begging for attention. Don groaned as her chin grazed his shaft through the denim. The sight of her on her knees for him in the middle of his bathroom was driving him mad with lust. He knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her, this. It was going to happen, and if it was, he didn’t want it to happen here.

“Elena.” He whispered her name, rubbing his thumb against the soft, wet press of her lips. She tilted her eyes up, asking him with that look, do you want me? He couldn’t believe she could question it, given the state of his erection, but he understood. She wanted to know if it was okay, if she had his permission. He found himself feeling strangely powerful and in control with her like this, and the communication between them was all happening without any words at all.

“Come with me,” he urged, holding his hand out to help her up.



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