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$0.99 Sale ~ Big Bad Boss ~ Mia Carson

Possess whatever I want. That’s the billionaire’s mantra.

Taking over a new company always gives me thrills, and this new acquisition is no different. Except for one thing – it comes with an unexpected perk – a beautiful employee who seems to know exactly what she wants – which doesn’t include me.
She’s out of luck, though, as all I can think about is how to get her into my bed. As a young rich guy, (sad but true), I always get what I want, and I want Ms. Frederica Sable.

Some people call me cocky, others call me lucky. I don’t know about all that, I simply go for exactly what I want. But Freddie is different than women I’ve been with, which strangely makes her more attractive to me.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Rub me the right way ~ Amy Brent

First time for every ‘O’

When I first looked between her luscious legs, I knew I had seen her before.

When Cassandra walks into Paradiso, all she is looking for is a ‘Yoni Massage’ – the most intimate massage of all.

And it’s my specialty.

My warm fingers sliding inside her slippery lips, taking her to places she has only dreamed about.

A single ‘O’?


Try multiples of multiples.

Until she begs me to stop.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Doctor’s Orders ~ Bella Grant

Life is good. I’m single, rich, and was named “Doctor of the Year”.

I don’t want a serious romantic relationship. I don’t have time to deal with female drama. Until Fiona shows up in the emergency room, hot, and broken. I knew she spelled trouble, but she was too hot for me to ignore.

Unfortunately, I’m her doctor, which means I can’t touch her. But, the bad boy in me wants to make her mine, make her moan and sing my name. The good doctor in me prevails though – I have to respect her space no matter what.

Fiona is more than a pretty face and hot body; she’s complex, and I could spend a life time figuring her out, figuring out what she wants in bed, how she likes her men. But she’s my patient and I have to keep my hands off her.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Guilty Or Hot ~ Mia Carson

The minute the sexy detective walked into my office in tight black jeans with handcuffs on her belt, I had many inappropriate plans for and her handcuffs.

First off, I’ll get her far away from my office

Then I’ll show her what we can do with those handcuffs

Finally, I’ll make her moan without stop.

But all these thoughts were dreams. Detective Christine Harrison was not interested in any of my games. She was there to find out who had embezzled money from my company, and any distraction could compromise the case.

But even detectives with tight asses have a weak point, and I was determined to find one.

Those handcuffs needed to be put to good use, and I wanted to do it myself, if she wasn’t busy trying to keep us both safe.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Out Of Bounds ~ JH Croix

Player meets virgin.

Game on.
I’m a player. In more ways than one.
I love women and they love me.
The second I lay eyes on Zoe, I know I want her.
Like mad.
She’s nothing but curves, but she hides them behind her oh-so-proper clothes.
That only makes me want her more–and I’m used to getting what I want.
Problem is…she’s supposed to get me out of a bit of a legal jam.
F*cking my attorney is a definite no-no.
Or so Zoe says.
She also says a few other things…
My prim, professional, smoking hot attorney is a virgin.
Game. Set. Match.
I will have her.
Only one thing I didn’t count on.
She might have me too.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Confess To Be Mine ~ Suzie Nelson

Blake and Shelby have a secret crush on each other but none of them seems to be able to make the first step and embrace their romantic desires. Billionaire Blake is working on a charity project in Shelby’s native Mexico City and when she gets invited to help with the youth center she happily jumps on board.

The only problem? Her friendship with Blake is now quite strained due to their silly misinterpretation.

But when the two become entangled in unexpected gang warfare, will they be able to finally confront their hidden feelings?

Special bonus included.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Let Me Taste You ~ Mia Madison


It’s the worst night of my life. I’ve been stood up for a date – a date I didn’t even want. I’m crushed and humiliated, ready to cry into a bowl of ice cream when Kenny waltzes in and saves the night. At first glance, I’m convinced he’s hot but crazy. But one taste of him, and I’m hooked. I can’t get enough.


Sometimes your life comes down to one crazy moment. My gamble is on Raquel, the beauty across the room alone at the table. She’s clearly upset, frustrated that her date didn’t show up. But one look at her and I realize he’s going to be the best thing she’s never had. Because I’m the One, and she doesn’t even know it yet.

A steamy standalone romance novella featuring an older man, a younger woman, passionate desires, and a happily ever after with absolutely no cheating.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Untouchable ~ Ava Ashley


Cooper Quin is everything I want in a man, and nothing I can have.

He’s tattooed, fierce, and sexy as hell.

And when he tells me I belong to him, I believe him.

But being with me is dangerous. If my family finds out, they’ll kill him.

From the way he touches me, I don’t think he cares.


When I decided to rent out a room in my apartment, I never expected the raven-haired vixen who showed up at my door. From the moment Branna O’Sullivan walked into my apartment—and my life—all I want to do is protect her. To touch her.

But Branna’s family lives by a set of rules. If we break them, there’ll be hell to pay.

Good thing I’ve never been one to follow the rules.

Now her family—the Irish mafia—is coming for us. But what they don’t know is now she’s mine.

And that makes her untouchable.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Hot Bastard Next Door ~ Rye Hart

I wanted to go all the way.
But Duncan left town to become a Navy SEAL.
A cruel text was the last I heard from him.
Now he’s back and says he wants what’s his:
My V-card.

He was my HOT next door neighbor.
I remember how he watched me undress through my bedroom window.
How we kept it our dirty little secret…
I wanted to give him all of me.
Too bad the bastard broke my heart over a text and left town. Really? WTF?
Now, almost a decade later, I’m working my dream job in Hollywood.
I nearly fall on my face when I see Duncan on my set.
The way he’s undressing me with his eyes has blood rushing to all parts of me.
He says this time he’ll have what’s his.
That he’ll give me the best O of my life. I’m not falling for his sh*t.
So what if the bulge in his pants is making me wet?
So what if I’m still a virgin?
As far as he’s concerned, my legs are SEAL’d

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$0.99 Sale ~ Outlaw’s Virgin ~ Gia Star


She wanted an education
, so she borrowed from the wrong men
. As soon as she graduated, 
I was to bring her back to them. She knew they would make her pay her way
. But she didn’t have a clue what it meant.
 She thought that she would be working in the casino
, but they had something else in mind. She was pure, innocent. She didn’t deserve to be destroyed. So I made a decision. We had to be on the run. My life’s now in danger, but I don’t care. I just want her to be mine.

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