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$0.99 Sale ~ Big Hard Bodyguard ~ Jack Ellison

I’m a bodyguard. Best in the business. I don’t come cheap, but I’m worth every penny.

So when some rich tech billionaire wants to hire me to watch over his precious daughter while she parties her way across Europe, I’m dreading it. I’m a bodyguard, not a babysitter.

But as it turns out, his daughter Chloe ain’t your typical spoiled rich kid. And this ain’t your typical protection job.

The Russian mafia want access to her father’s secretive new tech, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it.

What started out as a simple job turns into something much more. And when I start to develop feelings for Chloe, things get personal.

I’d kill for her. And I might just have to…

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$0.99 Sale ~ Sold at the Auction: Virgin & Billionaire Box Set ~ Juliana Conners

I’m used to getting anything money can buy.
And what I’m buying is her innocence.

She’s 19 years old, with curves that have never been touched.
She needs money, and I need to claim her as my own.
I’ll be the highest bidder, no matter the price.
I’m filthy rich and I want to turn her dirty.

But after I buy her body, will she steal my heart?

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$0.99 Sale ~ Forbidden Prescription 4 ~ Stephanie Brother

Doctor, I need a prescription for a fake husband. Not real at all. After all, I am your patient. But I wouldn’t mind having you all to myself…

Ariana and Daniel end up sleeping together one night, which puts Daniel at risk for losing his license if anyone found out he was sleeping with his patient. He couldn’t make their relationship official since Ariana’s illness still needed regular care. So they had to see each other in secret.

But at the same time, his father started seeing Ariana’s mother behind their backs. One weekend, they end up eloping to get married in Vegas, having Ariana and Daniel become step siblings.

All of a sudden it is scandal after scandal that is driving Ariana and Daniel apart, as well as causing tension with their families.

But they find out Ariana is carrying Daniel’s baby, making their situation a lot more difficult…

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$0.99 Sale ~ Clusterf*ck ~ Ash Harlow

Virginia (Ginger, Hot Spice) Hough. Starlet curves, golden hair and a crush on me like a wrecking ball.
And she’s my nanny.
She thinks I barely notice her. Yeah, my act is that good.
But nobody knows how hard it is to resist the temptation of the one woman I want, but can’t have.
I don’t make problems, I fix them.
I keep secrets like others keep pets.
When I’m called on to fulfil a promise I made five years ago, I need Ginger’s help, and I’ll pull out all the stops to make her agree.
There’s only one complication:
I took charge of a little family secret of hers. A secret that’s grown every year. A secret that Ginger doesn’t know she’s helping me conceal.
If she finds out, our cozy little arrangement will turn into one.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Let Me Keep You ~ Mia Madison


I’m just a Miami playgirl waiting for the man I’ve loved to get his act together. But when my best friend gets married, it’s a serious reality check. Life’s way too short to wait for any man to treasure my beauty, brains, and bossbabe appeal – so I dump him.

Nick rubs me in all the right places and blazes a fire in my heart, but am I really ready for true love when it calls?


I wanted Dilayla from the moment she walked into King of Diamonds with Raquel. Both ladies are beautiful, but Dilayla’s bold, vivacious appeal is magnetic. I’m one of Miami’s biggest playboys, but watching my best friend get married to the woman of his dreams forces me to rethink my priorities.

I’ve got to have her, and I won’t let anyone – especially her corny ex-boyfriend – get in my way.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Deep ~ Ebony S.

Devon Johnson is on top of his game. As vice-president for a lucrative investment banking corporation and a self-confessed playboy, there’s nowhere to go but up. He just has one little problem. And her name is Jada Thomas.
When Jada is promoted to the New York City branch of Devon’s corporation, she has a lot on her plate as interim president. She’s not about to add the sexy and charming Devon into the mix. Even if he has gotten under her skin.
As Devon falls head over heels for Jada, he finds himself going nowhere fast. Jada seems immune to his good looks and smooth attitude. Can he win her over and prove to her that he is the man of her dreams? And will Jada be able to let go of her past and risk her heart one more time for a chance at true love?

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$0.99 Sale ~ Mr. Perfect O ~ Amy Brent

She’s depriving me, and I’ll teach her a lesson.
I am going to make her scream my name, beg for more…

They call me Mr. Perfect O for a reason.
I specialize in delivering the wettest, mind blowing ‘O’s’ ever.
Call me a manwhore,
But as a single dad with responsibilities, I don’t have much choice.
Until, I see her.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Amanda’s Guide to Love ~ Alix Nichols

One snooty It-girl.
One free-spirited Gypsy gambler.
One night of passion that changes everything…

Amanda’s Guide to Love is a standalone contemporary romance within the LA BOHEME series.This sweetly naughty Kindle Scout winner will delight fans of romantic comedy.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Big Bad Boss ~ Mia Carson

Possess whatever I want. That’s the billionaire’s mantra.

Taking over a new company always gives me thrills, and this new acquisition is no different. Except for one thing – it comes with an unexpected perk – a beautiful employee who seems to know exactly what she wants – which doesn’t include me.
She’s out of luck, though, as all I can think about is how to get her into my bed. As a young rich guy, (sad but true), I always get what I want, and I want Ms. Frederica Sable.

Some people call me cocky, others call me lucky. I don’t know about all that, I simply go for exactly what I want. But Freddie is different than women I’ve been with, which strangely makes her more attractive to me.

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$0.99 Sale ~ Rub me the right way ~ Amy Brent

First time for every ‘O’

When I first looked between her luscious legs, I knew I had seen her before.

When Cassandra walks into Paradiso, all she is looking for is a ‘Yoni Massage’ – the most intimate massage of all.

And it’s my specialty.

My warm fingers sliding inside her slippery lips, taking her to places she has only dreamed about.

A single ‘O’?


Try multiples of multiples.

Until she begs me to stop.

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