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I have to confess – the thought of going out on Black Friday makes my eyes roll back in my head and my ears bleed. I.HATE.BLACK.FRIDAY. There, I said it. A girl who doesn’t like shopping — as elusive as that infamous unicorn! So I won’t be heading out at two in the morning to hit the stores, that’s for sure. I’ll be chillaxin’ with a turkey sandwich in my jammies all day, watching my husband carry in all the Christmas decorations. I’m the one who has to put them up – he’s the one in charge of all the heavy lifting!

But as much as I hate Black Friday, I love my readers, and I’d hate for you to have to go anywhere on Black Friday to get the good stuff. So I’ve joined together with a whole bunch of¬†amazing authors and we’ve each lowered the price on one of our books to just $0.99 so you can stay home and curl up with a great read! (If you haven’t gotten your hands on MODERN WICKED FAIRY TALES, the COMPLETE Collection, now is your chance!)

Not only that, but since we all adore Cyber Monday (oh the bliss of shopping online!) we thought we’d have a Facebook party too! And YOU, reader, are invited!

So, get a $0.99 book from one of these talented authors on Black Friday!

Michelle Fox ~ Tawny Taylor ~ Kami Kayne ~ Tamryn Ward ~ Tabitha Conall ~ Danielle Duncan ~ Adriana Hunter ~ Aspen Hayes ~ Charlotte DeCorte ~ Amy Valenti ~ J.E. and M. Keep ~ Dez Burke ~ Marina Maddix ~ Starla Cole ~ D. H. Cameron ~ Karolyn James ~ London Casey ~ Claire Charlins ~ Julianne Reyer ~ Malia Mallory ~ Ava Lore ~ Clara Bayard ~ Julia Kent ~ Michelle McCleod ~ Molly Prince ~ Selena Kitt ~ Emme Rollins


I know what you’re thinking – ohhhh no, I have to “like” more Facebook pages and join mailing lists, uggghhhh!


We’re going to have FUN! We’ve got trivia, games, contests, you name it. You can wish cash, prizes and there will be FREEBIES too!

So remember, just two things:

JOIN the Cyber Monday Facebook Par-tay!

and ONE-CLICK to load up your ereader with the the $0.99 titles below on BLACK FRIDAY!

Modern Wicked Fairy Tales (COMPLETE COLLECTION) by Selena Kitt
Rock Star Romance Boxed Set
New Adult Boxed Set
Shifter Romance Boxed Set
Lucky Girl by Emme Rollins
Heartstrings by Adriana Hunter
Burning For Him by Michelle Fox
My Alpha Billionaire by Tawny Taylor
Naughty (Box Set) by Kami Kayne
Hopelessly Broken by Tamryn Ward
Protecting The Pack by Tabitha Conall
Evading Nevah by Danielle Duncan
Wild Impulse by Lexi Lane
Need Me – Being Trevor’s Toy by Charlotte DeCorte
Little Tease by Amy Valenti
The Warlord’s Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep
Skin Deep by Dez Burke
Vegas Knights by Marina Maddix
Syria’s Seduction by Starla Cole
Havana Curves by D.H. Cameron
All Access by Karolyn James
The Stronger, Safe Kind by London Casey
West For Love by Clarie Charlins
Alice’s Steamy Wonderland by Julianne Reyer
Dominating by Malia Mallory
The Billionaire’s Wife by Ava Lore
Rocked by Clara Bayard
Her Billionaire’s by Julia Kent
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod
Curves For The Lone Alpha by Molly Prince

5 comments to Black Friday – Cyber Monday Giveaway!

  • Jack Hunter  says:

    I am from over the pond where black Friday is a different thing entirely…can we still take advantage of this most delightful of low price deals? x

  • Selena Kitt  says:

    It depends on how long Amazon takes to change the prices in the UK – I hope so! :)

  • Marie  says:

    Awesome sale, Selena. Thank you!

    However, it looks like at least one of the titles on this list is not selling at 99 cents. The New Adult Boxed Set has been $6.99 all day. (I’m accessing from California, so it’s not an international issue.) I don’t know if you have any control over this, but I wanted to point it out.

    Also, the link to Lucky Girl by Emme Rollins actually goes to a different book by the same author (listed at $2.99).

    Again, thank you very much for letting us know about the sale, and enjoy your shopping-free Black Friday!

  • Marie  says:

    Yay! The price of the New Adult Boxed Set now shows up as $0.99! Praise the gods of Amazon! :)

    (The Emme Rollins link is still wrong, though…)

  • Selena Kitt  says:

    I’m fixing the Emme Rollins link – and boxed set is $0.99 now! :)

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