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$0.99 Sale ~ Married At First Sight ~ Mia Carson

Vincent needs a wife – plain and simple.
He has to pretend to be a family man to get ahead in his career.
“Married at First Sight” is the online solution to his problems.
He signs a contract to marry the virtual woman of his dreams.
Except that doesn’t happen.
He’s tricked into marrying her twin – the wrong woman – or so it seems.
But she’s fire… in every aspect and his dreams of a quiet woman by his side is not happening.
This wrong bride has a lot more in her than he can handle – in and out of bed.
They are meant for each other, no denying the passion.
But a scandal hovers over their heads and that could make it all fall apart.

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ Untouchable ~ Ava Ashley


Cooper Quin is everything I want in a man, and nothing I can have.

He’s tattooed, fierce, and sexy as hell.

And when he tells me I belong to him, I believe him.

But being with me is dangerous. If my family finds out, they’ll kill him.

From the way he touches me, I don’t think he cares.


When I decided to rent out a room in my apartment, I never expected the raven-haired vixen who showed up at my door. From the moment Branna O’Sullivan walked into my apartment—and my life—all I want to do is protect her. To touch her.

But Branna’s family lives by a set of rules. If we break them, there’ll be hell to pay.

Good thing I’ve never been one to follow the rules.

Now her family—the Irish mafia—is coming for us. But what they don’t know is now she’s mine.

And that makes her untouchable.

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ Filthy SEAL ~ Amy Brent

A SEAL’s life is tough.
I’m a single dad now and have to leave the tragedy in the past.
The hot nineteen-year-old next door is just what I need.
I know. It’s wrong. It’s filthy.
But I need filthy.

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ Hot Bastard Next Door ~ Rye Hart

I wanted to go all the way.
But Duncan left town to become a Navy SEAL.
A cruel text was the last I heard from him.
Now he’s back and says he wants what’s his:
My V-card.

He was my HOT next door neighbor.
I remember how he watched me undress through my bedroom window.
How we kept it our dirty little secret…
I wanted to give him all of me.
Too bad the bastard broke my heart over a text and left town. Really? WTF?
Now, almost a decade later, I’m working my dream job in Hollywood.
I nearly fall on my face when I see Duncan on my set.
The way he’s undressing me with his eyes has blood rushing to all parts of me.
He says this time he’ll have what’s his.
That he’ll give me the best O of my life. I’m not falling for his sh*t.
So what if the bulge in his pants is making me wet?
So what if I’m still a virgin?
As far as he’s concerned, my legs are SEAL’d

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$0.99 Sale ~ Outlaw’s Virgin ~ Gia Star


She wanted an education
, so she borrowed from the wrong men
. As soon as she graduated, 
I was to bring her back to them. She knew they would make her pay her way
. But she didn’t have a clue what it meant.
 She thought that she would be working in the casino
, but they had something else in mind. She was pure, innocent. She didn’t deserve to be destroyed. So I made a decision. We had to be on the run. My life’s now in danger, but I don’t care. I just want her to be mine.

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ TRUST FUND BABY ~ Bella Grant

I’m 22, a male model, a trust fund baby, and a millionaire. Deal with it.

I’m also a college student and my priorities include parties and girls, in that order, and yes, not failing yet another course will be nice. Girls are attracted to me – maybe because I’m good in and out of bed. No girl ever refuses me.
Until Debra. The one girl who won’t go out with me. The girls that’s sexy as f*ck.
But soon she needs a ride and I find the one reason to get closer to her.
Perhaps too close as I let my guards down.
Pity I don’t trust women or she would have made a nice girlfriend.

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ The Dragon’s Secret Baby ~ Jasmine Wylder

I’m not pregnant, am I? How is this possible…I´m still a virgin.

Curvy archaeologist Dominique can’t believe her luck; she just uncovered an ancient Dragon egg! But she’s not the only one with her eyes on the prize. All of the Dragon clans of the area want to stake their claim. Especially that hot ass, annoying Virdi who sticks to her side like glue. Unfortunately, if she wants to stay safe, she needs Virdi’s help.

Emperor of the world—that´s what Virdi is determined for, and he doesn´t care what he has to do to see it happen. Luring women out into the forest is just one occupation on his mind. But now, Dominique with her luscious body and the egg…maybe he can have both, pleasure and power at the same time.

99c or FREE in KU

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$2.99 Sale ~ An Eclectic Sexy Collection: 4 Tales of Menage, Erotica & Fantasy by Tracey DeSanto

This isn’t your grandma’s romance book, but it isn’t your uncle’s porno novel, either. Let’s split the difference. This is Tracey DeSanto’s Eclectic & Sexy Collection! Want to know what happens when a young farmhand works his way through every partner at the polygamy farm? Try the DeSanto Sexy Collection. Curious as to what goes down when a nerd girl lets her self free at the gaming table? DeSanto Sexy Collection! A Leprechaun Love Affair? A circus threesome? I think you know the answer is DeSanto’s Sexy Collection.

Tracey’s short fiction is literate, entertaining, and unashamedly dirty. You will read about straight, bi and gay encounters, not to mention poly and menage. Tracey DeSanto offers a positive, steamy read with strong, relatable characters.

An Eclectic and Sexy Collection includes A Shamrock Shag, Making the Rolls, Under the Big Top, and Pecking Order in one smutty, fun-filled romp!

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$0.99 Sale ~ Rule Him ~ Gisele St. Claire

Candy lives in a gilded cage on the Upper East Side, where money is no object but she hungers for more. Living for literature, she dreams of writing a novel or becoming an English teacher.

At Lincoln High, all anyone wants to talk about is her upcoming eighteenth and the school prom. Candy also wants to focus on improving her grades and so looks for a tutor. Then into the classroom walks Parker Newell, the new English teacher for the last semester. He is HOT.

Candy’s interest in English is even greater when he offers to tutor her. But nothing can happen between teacher and student. The hot as hell teacher couldn’t be interested in her. She’s just a fool with a schoolgirl crush. Yet, it looks like his behavior might indicate he just may want some sweet Candy after all…

If you’ve imagined being crushed against the wall by a s*xy *ss teacher or you love a secret/forbidden romance read on…

This is a standalone title but there’ll be another steamy school story soon…

99c or FREE in KU

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$0.99 Sale ~ Touch Me Boss by Aria Ford

I’d like to take her to the rooftop and show her just how HARD of a boss I can be.

Being a single dad means keeping my head down at work, and avoiding distractions.

Now that Mandy has joined my firm I’m beginning to question my rules about mixing business with pleasure.

I wanted her from the moment our eyes met at the gym.

The rhythm of her body had me on a spell – and there’s only one cure.

The sexy temptress is desired by all the men, though she’s determined to taunt me with her ASSETS.

Young. Innocent. Sexy. And curves that have me imagining her in the naughtiest positions.

At my desk. In the stairway. In my car. The possibilities are endless.

But what if I want more than just a good time?

What if I want to marry Mandy?

99c or FREE in KU

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