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Welcome to the Babysitting the Baumgartners Movie Comment/Review page. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of the DVD, now’s the time! 2-Disc Set (16 scenes) with over an hour of bonus material.

If you’re more the online-viewing type, though, Adam & Eve has made the movie available on Adam & Eve TV!

When you’ve finished the movie, I’d LOVE to hear what you thought in the comments section. Let me know, I’m excited!



16 comments to Babysitting the Baumgartners – The Movie – Comments/Reviews

  • James Graves  says:

    I was supposed to get it at my door yesterday, but the shipping of it won’t be till Monday now. Looking forward to viewing it.

    In a way I wish you had her in a version that was more BDSM; where she wears a collar and leash to her Mistress and Master.

    Thank you

  • Sharon  says:

    Hi Selen I love all of your books! Do you know if this will be available in their VOD library? Adam and Eve TV is a subscription service and I’m not looking for that. Thanks looking forward to seeing if the movie is as good as the book! ?


  • Trina  says:

    Still waiting for mine in the mail should be here tuesday. Yay me!! You know I will give u my thoughts as soon as I watch it the 2 or 3 times… 😉

  • Steve  says:

    Love your writing, it’s the best in erotica. You do so much in so many genres and it is all so sexy and so good!

    Love the movie, it arrived on Saturday. I think it does reasonable justice to the book and the sex scenes are amazing!

  • Lisa  says:

    Hi Selena,

    I *so* want to see your movie! However, I am not in a position to subscribe to view it. Do you know if it will be available as a standalone download?

    Thank you!!

  • Selena Kitt  says:

    Yes! You will be able to directly download it at the end of July or early August. (That’s when the DVD goes retail 🙂 )

  • Charles  says:

    I’ve written you before to tell you how much I like your books and now the movie is out and it’s terrific! Sara Luvv is especially good in her role. Although Mick Blue has all the, ahem, physical attributes to play Doc, I always pictured Doc as an all around American guy with a twinkle in his eye, so I probably would have preferred someone else in that role. But, hey, in porn it’s all about the ladies, so that’s alright!

  • James Graves  says:

    I got the DVD. Love it. Will I be able to download it for no fee?

  • Ellie  says:

    I got mine and while I enjoyed some parts, others were a bit annoying…
    the kitchen scene … no bending Ronnie off the counter or making her squirt and some parts of the sex scenes that were really hot were cut out of the film?

    That left me a little disappointed.

    I did not like the actor who placed Doc. The accent he had was just too thick.

  • The Deepdish  says:

    I don’t see, on the DVD box, where it gives you the option for a free download. Seeing as I don’t have a DVD drive on my Laptop I haven’t seen the movie. I have been bombarded by all kinds of come-ons to buy more products from Adult Movie Mart. Sign up for the email and then take advantage of getting the DVD 1/2 off.

    I paid top dollar, $34.95, and feel the Download should be easier to find and be part of the purchase price. I won’t be doing this again until pricing policies are revisited.

  • Selena Kitt  says:

    Did the DVD say it came with a free download? I don’t think so? I’m pretty sure the download would be separate, unless it said otherwise…

  • Sarah Williams  says:

    Love, love, love this book and so when I saw it was going to be a movie was so excited. You and Kay Brandt did an amazing job with this and transferring it to film! While there is a lot of details in the book that are hard to move over into a movie, all the key points I think were there.

    Sara Luvv as Ronnie and Anikka Albrite as Mrs. B was just great casting! Both I think really nailed the parts and could totally see them as their character. I wish AJ Applegate as Gretchen had a bigger role, but guess she didn’t have a much bigger role in this book either. Mick’s casting maybe wasn’t exactly the “Doc” I imagined, but considering that my interest in men is passing at best, maybe my opinion is skewed.

    The sex was amazingly hot! Loved the early scene where Sara was watching Anikka and Mick have sex. Just so hot! And any scene with Sara and Anikka together was amazing. Hot tub, bath tub or bed, they were so sexy and felt just like Ronnie and Mrs. B. Loved how the sex scenes weren’t all just closeups of the sex (which are nice of course), but really captured the whole picture, the whole experience. It made it so much more erotic. Anikka taking Ronnie into her arms in the bathtub was also just so erotic and passionate. Brought so much more to their relationship I think going forward. But regardless what you love (Lesbian, FFM Threesomes, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Anal, or of course a good babysitter fantasy) it was in this movie!

    One of the things about the book that I loved is that Ronnie and Mrs. B enjoyed each other plenty, even during the threesomes. A lot of porn seems to think threesomes mean a guy gets pleasured by two girls, but I think how Kay directed it was amazing since it truly was about all three taking turns and getting pleasure. I was nervous about that since so much of the book and movie are the three of them in bed, but it doesn’t disappoint! Sara and Anikka definitely get to play with each other as much as they play with Mick. Sara and AJ’s scene was super hot and like I said, wish I could have seen more, but hopefully in a future movie!

    This movie rates up as one of my top 2-3 favorites now! I am sure I will be re-watching it soon!

  • Selena Kitt  says:

    5 STARS – from AAN (All Adult Network)

    “The movie has elegance, class, sensuality, steamy sexuality and total realism.”

    “To sum this release up, Ms. Brandt’s adaptation of the book and her direction just flow like a fine wine interweaving the characters and their roles.”

    “This 2 disc production will be a very strong contender in many categories come awards time. It is very couples friendly and I warn you now to be prepared for one of the most sexual rides you will ever take with these stars.”

    Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN


  • Selena Kitt  says:

    5 Stars – From Adult DVD Talk

    This movie was truly the definition of epic and to coin a turn on one of the girls names I Luvved it!! Kay Brandt crafted a wonderful story and then watched as her amazing team and this stellar cast made it come to life. So much to love about this movie and if you’re a fan of Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv and Mick Blue then this will find a treasured place in your collection. I’ve written many reviews but it is movies like this that keep me wanting to keep coming back. It never gets old seeing such beautiful sex filmed between people who are truly committed to making the best possible show they can. In this case they succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations I think… No doubt this movie will receive a few noms when the AVN show comes about and they will be richly deserved. Buy this movie!

    From bono-ONE


  • Selena Kitt  says:

    2.5 Stars – From Adult DVD Talk

    “From the excerpts that I read from the book, I was actually drawn into the story there, more than I was to the visual representation on the screen. Everyone will have differing opinions on this film. But for me, maybe this is just one of those times that the book is better than the movie. Maybe the content is better read, than seen?”

    “BABYSITTING THE BAUMGARTNERS features a whopping 16 sex scenes in total. On that, I must give credit to the production. Especially the cast, who performed these scenes over the course of just 4 shooting days. Although I mentioned at one point, certain things about the scenes become repetitive, beyond that fact, none of them are necessarily “bad”. I mean, most of them feature real life husband and wife, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite. These 2 are amazing, and always bring the heat. when paired together on screen. Also great, is that this is a film that finally features Sara Luvv in a lead role.”

    From: Rick L. Blalock


  • John Waddell  says:

    best by far erotic or porn movie i have ever seen ,real quality and very true to book bring on a movie version of Baumgartners reunion hopefully adult films as they should be ,fantastic well done

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