Best Sex Scene — Feature Release
Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv & Mick Blue, Babysitting the Baumgartners (Adam & Eve)

Marketing Campaign of the Year
Babysitting the Baumgartners (Adam & Eve)

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Best Polyamory Movie
Babysitting the Baumgartners
, Adam & Eve Pictures

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Mousy little Heidi is a wanna-be designer who works as nothing more than a glorified go-fer for one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world of fashion. When she accidentally stains CEO Warren Kaiser’s pants, she gets two things she didn’t expect–a spanking…and a job. Kaiser hires her as his assistant, and her “training” proves to be quite a test of surrender.

Simon Lowrie, author of Journey Round a Darker Sun

“This is a little cracker of a story, even more delicious than the cover, which is saying something! The characters are so engaging, and so convincingly drawn, that I read the whole thing through in one sitting as easily as eating ice cream. Between them, insecure and self-effacing Heidi, and her imperious boss Mr Kaiser, generate some of the most scorching scenes I’ve ever read, and better yet, their relationship unfolds within an involving storyline of high fashion and intrigue. And as for the scene in Paris at the end – it’s just sumptuous! Go read it.”

AlexJouJou, Manic Readers Reviews, 5/5 STARS!

“Heidi and the Kaiser does steamy in spades…Heidi and Kaiser start and remain center stage and their own discoveries compel you to devour each page as if it was connoisseurs chocolate. Rich, decadent, and arousing “a heady wine for your head” the story explodes off the pages. It is like a much spicier and steamier take on the whole Cinderella story. Highly recommended!”

Anthurium, Whipped Cream Reviews, 4/5 Cherries!

“…a very engaging story that takes place within the back drop of high fashion and modeling…a very hot read, with a great story line to boot – for fans of strong D/S stories this one is a winner.”


Ty has been hurt by life and has sworn off relationships, but his curiosity is piqued by a motorcycle-riding hunk who comes through his Wal-Mart line and buys the same thing day after day: two Slim Jims, a sixty-four count box of crayons and Cracker Jacks. Ty’s curiosity gets the better of him and he goes out with Jonah, but Ty’s best friend, Lucky, is sure Jonah is bad news, and it does seem that both mens’ pasts threaten their future together. Will they find a second chance with one another?

Ivy, Manic Readers Reviews, 4/5 STARS

This very short story caught my attention right away, and held it. I wanted to know everything about the two main characters…[E]ngaging and sexy…you’ll hope for the best for Ty and Jonah. Pick Second Chance up for a quick, hot read!”

Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews, 5/5 DIVAS

I was immediately swept up by the two vivid characters that Ms. Kitt created…If you’re looking for a steamy book with a bit of man love and a lot of emotions thrown in Second Chance is definitely the book for you.”

Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews, 5/5 CHERRIES

“The sex scenes between these guys didn’t hold anything back… They were hot and heavy just the way I like them. That, coupled with this author’s style, is why I have given this story 5 cherries”



Settle yourself in for a wicked bed time story, a hot, wild ride through nursery rhymes like you’ve never heard them before. Set in a fantastical world where the privileged few own and raise sex slaves like beloved pets, Mother herself is the star of the show, wielding a riding crop and taking care of and training her young charges with a firm and skillful hand. But where has Father Goose wandered off to, and who will take Mother in hand when she ventures too far?

Joyfully Reviewed by Patrice F.

Selena Kitt puts an amazingly unique and hot twist on the key players from the well-known nursery rhymes. Many of the scenes definitely made me pause in admiration at her ingenuity. I refuse to spoil it for anyone interested in reading this book by going into more detail. The author worked too hard to offer a salacious spread of inventive sex and characters. There is no way I will reveal the erotic goodies and wildly titillating scenes she has so painstakingly transcribed in this raunchy, racy fantasy. There are a couple of plot twists and turns that will leave you with your mouth hanging wide open in surprise. Voracious reader that I am, I certainly didn’t anticipate one shocker in particular and I’m the first to admit it was refreshingly creative. Batten down the hatches because The Real Mother Goose runs riot and I guarantee you’ll be swept away on a tempest of passion! The inspiration might be from nursery rhymes but it’s certainly not for anyone under age 18. There are loads of familiar faces from all the various rhymes in a variety of X-rated scenarios that will astonish and delight you.



Mother Earth is one hot, sexy Mama, and in this tribute to nature and the environment, Selena Kitt pays homage to her beauty, her grandeur and her conservation. Who else could tackle topics like global warming, strip mining, animal endangerment and environmental toxicity, all while making it hot, hot, hot?

This anthology includes six sexy and environmentally provocative stories that will rock your world and arouse and raise more than your environmental awareness.

Stories include: The Break, Cry Wolf, Genesis, Law of Conservation, Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice, and Paved Paradise



Connections: runner-up for the 2006 RAUXA PRIZE, given annually for an erotic story of “exceptional literary quality”- out of over 1,000 nominations!

In the bygone days before cell phones, lonely Cathy, college dropout, works in a grocery store and makes completely random phone calls to strangers just to make a human connection. When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to the person on the other end of the phone, she’s suddenly thrust back into the world, with all its vulnerability. Will Seth be able to draw Cathy back into the land of the living?



 Voted Literotica’s 2009 Most Influential Writer of the Year


Best How To: Rule of Blowjobs for Women


Best Review/Essay: 35 Personal Turn-Ons


Most Original Sex Scene: Love in an Elevator ~ (Now available in QUICKIES)


Voted Literotica’s 2008 Most Influential Writer of the Year


 Sexiest Female Character in a Short Story: Lindsey in Short Shorts Ch. 03 (Retitled as “Falling Down” and coming soon from eXcessica) 


Most Original Sex Scene: Unfolding Ch. 06 (Unfolding now available from eXcessica)


Category: Toys & Masturbation
The Sybian Club Ch 10(Available now at eXcessica)


Voted Literotica’s 2007 Most Influential Writer of the Year


Category: Toys & Masturbation

The Sybian Club Ch 6 (Available now eXcessica)


Category: Text With Audio

Bluebeard’s Wife Ch 9 (Available now at eXcessica)


Category: Reviews and Essays

Excellence: Top 10 Stories on Lit


Category: Nonhuman

Cat Lover


Category: Group Sex

Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed Ch 14 (Available now at eXcessica)


Category: Erotic Horror

The Ride


Category: Celebrities

Stargazing Ch 1


 Category: Group Sex

Lizzie, David & Sarah: A Threesome (Retitled as “Taken” and now available from eXcessica)


Literotica’s Earth Day Contest 2006

Cry Wolf-2nd Place (Now available in the 2009 EPPIE FINALIST anthology “EcoErotica