$2.99 SALE ~ The Bachelor Collection by Belle Roberts

Two BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance Series for the price of one!

~The Bachelor Wedding~

Kate never knew happiness existed, but then she met Jonathan. A man with the power to change her whole life with the words ‘I do!’ As long as she doesn’t fall in love. A wedding arrangement with New York’s wealthiest bachelor? What could possibly go wrong?

~The Bachelor Equation~

Twelve years ago Ally made the biggest mistake of her life… one that has plagued her with guilt ever since. Evan, the love of her life was never supposed to find out why she disappeared suddenly, but now he’s back and not only does he want answers, their chemistry is undeniable… but will he still want her when he finds out what she did?

Over 160,000 words of love, lies, romance, weddings, secrets, hope and happiness. Plus two steamy HEAs!

99c or FREE in KU

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