$2.99 New Release ~ Middlesex ~ Jessica Mandella

An ultra-geeked-out hermaphrodite (boygirl), I’ve researched my kind.  Middlesex are more common than science had taught.  Our rainbow church embraces us.  For centuries, husbands embraced wives’ extra features in silence.  How many were experiments like me, closed up and sent home ‘normal’, conditioned against transforming?  Since the research, my body’s reacted to this truth.  My ovaries are no longer dormant.  My wife can’t handle my boobs.  I’m a single futa hottie now, with growing super powers.  Why am I living here in Sus Angeles, under the North Pole, friends with the bad-ass head librarian angel of heaven?  Are my powers, my being Middlesex and my job up here all related?  Secret heavenly knowledge here makes my mind spin.  The sex much more…way beyond psychedelic!  Good Witches, Super Heroes, whatever…we’re going to need a bigger bed!

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