$0.99 Sale ~ Rule Him ~ Gisele St. Claire

Candy lives in a gilded cage on the Upper East Side, where money is no object but she hungers for more. Living for literature, she dreams of writing a novel or becoming an English teacher.

At Lincoln High, all anyone wants to talk about is her upcoming eighteenth and the school prom. Candy also wants to focus on improving her grades and so looks for a tutor. Then into the classroom walks Parker Newell, the new English teacher for the last semester. He is HOT.

Candy’s interest in English is even greater when he offers to tutor her. But nothing can happen between teacher and student. The hot as hell teacher couldn’t be interested in her. She’s just a fool with a schoolgirl crush. Yet, it looks like his behavior might indicate he just may want some sweet Candy after all…

If you’ve imagined being crushed against the wall by a s*xy *ss teacher or you love a secret/forbidden romance read on…

This is a standalone title but there’ll be another steamy school story soon…

99c or FREE in KU

One comment to $0.99 Sale ~ Rule Him ~ Gisele St. Claire

  • Richard Arklie  says:

    I would purchase more of your books if I were able to have them downloaded direct to my Kindle . I have an awful time with going thru the Mobi thingee which never seems to be as straight forward as you people make out . The same goes with Jade Summers books.

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