$0.99 Sale ~ Room Service ~ Chance Carter

“Don’t touch my new assistant.”

That’s the one rule I’ve got.
My reputation depends on it.

But when Mona walks into my office, all sass and attitude, I realize it’s not going to be easy.
She’s innocent as an angel but trapped in the body of a complete seductress.
How am I supposed to resist this tempting bundle of curves and lust?
How am I not going to push her up against my desk and bend her right over it?
How am I not going to make her scream my name while I take her in every filthy way imaginable?

I manage to behave … barely … until it’s time for our first business trip.
Then the hotel screws up and we have to share a room.
For a week.

Screw this.
All bets are off.
Who said I had to obey my own rules anyway?

99c or FREE in KU

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