$0.99 Sale ~ Not So Innocent by Bella Grant

I’m really good at two things – making money and making women scream.
I’m also a control freak – love me or hate me, your choice.
Women love me. I make their naughtiest side come alive.
I’m not on the lookout for the next hot thing, but I never say NO to sexy body.
Then Ava walks into my café needing a job – a barista.
She’s too hot not to hire, too hot not to want to f*ck.
From the first day I see her, I know she needs a knight.
Not my type of person. Not a lost playboy. I know I’m no knight – truth be told; all I want is her body.
I make a move on her, as expected, but she’s different – a virgin.
She entices me. God, she’s freaking hot. But she’s also so naïve, so innocent.

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