$0.99 Sale ~ Let Me Kiss You ~ Mia Madison

I’ve had my eyes on Dom since the day I met him. He’s tall, husky, and has just the right amount of shyness. But every time I’ve tried to show my interest, he’s pulled away from me.

But now he needs me to do something that could bring us to experience our wildest fantasies – or drive us apart and destroy our lives.


She wasn’t what I wanted, but she was everything I needed. 
But how could a woman that beautiful want a man like me? And why can’t I seem to accept the love she gives me?

She’s a fiery Tigress, but she submits to me in ways men only dream of, and purrs like the sweetest, softest kitty in my hands. When I make an offer she can’t refuse, I say it’s just business. But with each moment that passes, I’m really only lying to myself.

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