$0.99 Sale ~ Let Me Keep You ~ Mia Madison


I’m just a Miami playgirl waiting for the man I’ve loved to get his act together. But when my best friend gets married, it’s a serious reality check. Life’s way too short to wait for any man to treasure my beauty, brains, and bossbabe appeal – so I dump him.

Nick rubs me in all the right places and blazes a fire in my heart, but am I really ready for true love when it calls?


I wanted Dilayla from the moment she walked into King of Diamonds with Raquel. Both ladies are beautiful, but Dilayla’s bold, vivacious appeal is magnetic. I’m one of Miami’s biggest playboys, but watching my best friend get married to the woman of his dreams forces me to rethink my priorities.

I’ve got to have her, and I won’t let anyone – especially her corny ex-boyfriend – get in my way.

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