$0.99 Sale ~ Hot Man Wanted ~ Tia Siren

The backseat of my limo is about to get filthy.
What’s a billionaire like me doing on a dating site?
I lost a bet.
I’m supposed to go out – once – with a girl from the ‘real world.’
Someone I could never bring home to meet the parents.
So when I see the Hot Man Wanted ad, my d*ck pricks up immediately.
This might be a fun night after all.
Ashley Anderson has f*ck me eyes and a quirky smile.
She’s definitely not the kind of girl you take home to mom.
She’s looking for her first org@sm.
I’m going to f*ck her until her legs shake.
And then never see her again.
But once I’ve tasted her, I’m hooked.
How can I go back to my world without her?
Maybe it’s time to tell her who I really am…

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